Monday, July 20, 2015

internet wanderings

Just a small smattering of things that I have found while surfing the web that I wouldn't hate to see show up in my house...

I talked about my healthy eating yesterday but oh man, this funfetti cheesecake has to be made soon. We have family coming to help us move and this might be one sweet way to thank them

Boden Drapey T: I really want a Vince top from the nordstrom sale but the price tag got me. This one is slightly more wallet friendly and looks SO comfortable. Perfect for the bump to grow into. 

Sugar Paper: FINALLY!! I spied this little lady on instagram in June and have been dying to get my hands on her. She would be perfect company for my art. 

Rifle Paper Cosmetics/Longchamp: I have opted to forgo the diaper bag option thanks to this post from Ashley . I have now been keeping my eye out for cute pouches to put in my longchamp. 

Throw pillow: We are going to have a lot of visitors over the next few months and we are ready to up our guest bedroom game. These pillows might do the trick. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

healthy(ish) eating

I have 15,000 pins on Pinterest but only have a few boards I actually use on a regular basis. My food boards! I get majority of my recipes from pinterest because I can source a variety of healthy food. I pin a TON of guilty pleasures but usually save those dinners for things we really love to eat.
Here are a few of my favorite recipes and blogs for food

Skinny Taste: Actually a family favorite. My older brother makes a lot of meals from here also. The shrimp recipe is my favorite for a weekday meal since I don't have to think about unthawing anything before work. (we buy most of our seafood/meat in bulk) 

Roasted Cauliflower: Sides is a big thing for me. We usually eat some variation of chicken/pork but I try to change up the sides so it's not too boring. this side, baked okra, and quinoa are my favorites

Quinoa Asian Meatballs: Damn Delicious is another favorite food blogger! I just made these last week and they are SO good! We paired in with stir fry veggies from Trader Joes but they would be so good with rice or noodles. 

Peanut Butter banana froyo: I am trying to reign in my sugar in take (with not much luck) but this is a slightly healthier after dinner treat. 

Chocolate chip muffins: We used to make a ton of pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast but I have been trying to find healthier options. These are super easy to make and are healthy

Kale and Collard Green salad: This is my lunch all the time. You can make a big batch of it and it actually tastes better throughout the week. Major win, there is nothing worse than soggy salad

you can find all my pins here!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

dining table.

Far and away the hardest thing we have had to decide on for our house is the dining situation. So much so that we have talked about getting a new table and chairs for about two years without actually getting one.  It is part in decision and part I can't get over the prices of tables and chairs. But I promise I spend a whole lot of time thinking about it.

Here are my favorite dining rooms from around the web:
andrew howard

oh my deer blog


amber interiors 
Studio McGee

serena and lily

quadrille fabrics
 We decided to make this farmhouse table after seeing it at our friends house and loving it.  Plus, it is the one style of table we can both agree on. I love modern tables but was afraid I would regret my decision after a few years. Now on to chairs.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

so we are having a baby!

Well, the secret is out!  Our teeny one is due in January and we are so excited. We found out way back in May, after poking Craig awake at 3 am and whispering "I think I am pregnant." Which according to Craig is not the way to wake anyone up. But 4 tests later (because I didn't believe the first one) we knew that our lives had permanently and wonderfully changed. I honestly spent the first few weeks losing my mind over this big change, the concept of wanting and wishing for a baby is MUCH different then actually having one. It happened very fast and not on the timeline I imagined (shocking) so Craig spent a lot of time drying tears and announcing that we were going to get ice cream.  He is going to be the best dad, he has read a couple of books, researched diapers, strollers, and bought us a new house! He also was fascinated by the technology at the hospital and kept asking questions about it ha! We have been super busy which hasn't given us a lot of time for thinking about the reality of everything quite yet. I am going to be home for 2 consecutive weeks which is a big deal!

Here are a couple questions I've been asked:
How many weeks are you?
14 and a half.

How did you tell your family? 
My mom was told over the phone after a major meltdown and Craig's response was "you need to call your mom." She initially told me I was lying and after I assured her I was not, she started drinking wine and talking a million miles a minute.
For my dad we got him a beer mug that said Grandpa and took him to his favorite local happy hour. He also didn't get it/believe it so we ended up showing him the ultra sound which he stared at for like 20 minutes.
My inlaws we got a tiny gator stuffed animal (We live at the University of Florida after all) and sent them that and the ultrasound. My mother in law had already figured it out way before that so they weren't very surprised.

And my favorite: We sent all our siblings the envelopes above. It was a lot of fun AND torture waiting for all them to get it.

Have you been sick? 
  No, thank god! I still work out 5 days a week and can pretty much get through a normal day with the exception of a nap occasionally. I do get nasty migraine like headaches for a couple days at a time during which I am useless and highly unpleasant.

Do you have a bump? 
 Depends on you ask. Right now, I look like I have eaten too much most days but all my clothes still fit and I have added some softer Ts and t-shirt dresses to the mix.

 ALL the sugar. I can't get enough of it. It even borderline grosses me out. I also crave coffee which is a sick joke....

Are you going to find out the gender? 
NO! Actually, I was until after our first ultrasound during which I decided that I really wanted to find out the day I had the baby. However, Craig needs more prep time so he will be finding out in a few weeks and will have to keep it a secret.

Well there you have it! Now I am off to pack the house since we move into our new house soon!