Thursday, May 14, 2015

daily uniform

I have made an effort since moving to not be in my workout clothes all day. When we moved to Washington, I was miserable (cold, wet, chugging coffee) and part of it was because I didn't really make an effort to get ready for the day. Unless I was leaving the house for more than a hour, you could find me in yoga pants. Putting in the effort to get gussied up, just a little, even if I am just seeing the dog has made a huge difference when moving to Washington.  Sometimes, I will throw on a sundress but more often than not its shorts and a top.

studs: I usually rotate between my Kate Spade studs and Loren Hope Studs. All of  them are the perfect size and right amount of sparkle

Stripe T: I live in J.Crew T's during the summer. I picked this gold stripe on a whim and as I tell Craig about my favorite things "it speaks to me". I only wish it was short sleeve so I can wear it longer

Lilly Pulitzer shorts: Between these and j.crew chino shorts, I have shorts for days. I like the way Lilly fits though, anyone else think that after one wear the j.crew ones fit funny? 

Flip Flops: These $12 dollar beauties for the win! I have Joie sandals that I love but I have ruined sandals running around after the dog. These are great and I won't be sad if they get messed up

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5 reasons you need a fit bit

After a particularly hard cardio class Monday, I momentarily lost my mind and tossed my fit bit in the wash with the rest of my clothes. It's a real disappointment because I can't see my steps now!
Here are 5 reasons  to get a fitbit

I wore my fit bit in wine country, we earned a lot of steps riding bikes to wineries 

1. It actually makes you want to move: Maybe I am a little competitive with myself but I hardly ever go to bed with less than 10,000 steps (my highest day was 19,000). It gets me out for an extra walk, do a few extra chores around the house, anything to make it happen

2. You can compete with your friends. My friends and I sat around one afternoon on a rare moment together laughing at our tactics to beat each other in competitions. We also shared what we do to workout, inspiring me to try barre workouts (more on that later!)

3. You can track how much water you are drinking on the app. I doing this after moving to Florida and realizing I could be in serious trouble if I don't start drinking more water in this heat. It especially handy when we are traveling and I can't remember if I have hydrated enough

4. I thought I was in shape before my fit bit but I wasn't nearly the shape I am in since I got it. I realized that sometimes I was getting lazy in my workouts or days I didn't workout, I barely moved! Even just getting 10,000 steps without changing into a sports bra has made a big difference!

5. You can buy Tory Burch accessories for it, obviously! My friends have the gold bangle and it is gorgeous! Don't waste you money on the silicon covers, I got one and was not impressed by its quality

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

the saga continues...

The mantle is on it's way to completion!  It really does help to look at pinterest to see decor you like and narrow down what you like about it. I really like the idea of classics pieces with pieces of bright art to make sure it doesn't look too fussy. 
My mom bought me the Kate Spade Print for Christmas and it is currently getting matted in a pink mat to make it pop with the  Abstract art. Perhaps my worse habit is that I love taking pictures but I don't actually do anything with the pictures afterward (anyone else?) So, I am taking advantage of Framebridge to frame instagrams of our favorite memories on the west coast. 
The Classics are really going to be seen in the decor, pineapple candle holders (insert heart eyes here), ginger jar for fresh flowers, and a boxwood topiary for some green in an otherwise dark room. 
Can't wait to show you the results! What projects are you working on in your house?

Monday, May 11, 2015

the mantle and my online shopping confession

*** I started writing this about a week ago and made a pit stop into Apple Support the same day to get my computer checked....Well, turns out I had fried my hard drive AND my battery. Poor thing has been in the tech hospital for awhile!***

Perhaps the one thing I was excited about for this house was that we had a mantle! For some reason, I have always wanted a mantle to design. I also thought that it would be the first thing I would have done in the house. Joke's on me, it is currently housing odds and ends with thoughts everyday of ordering.

Here is my confession: I love looking at beautiful things online. I spend a sick amount of time doing so. But.... I have a hard time buying anything! I know I can't find the items anywhere else, thus making them unique AND necessary to buy. My goal for today is to maybe, possibly, make  purchases to complete the mantle.

Here are some mantles I love:
design sponge
                    Love the pops of pink and the blue and white pottery

 elle decor south africa
                          love the bright art framed in white and quirky objects

lonny magazine
Love the varying heights on the mantle and the classic touches that don't look overdone

domino magazine
Art that surrounds the mantle display. We have quite a bit of space on either side, I am just afraid of what the husband might say if I want to hang more art right this moment (the gallery wall almost did him in)

Well, I hope to accomplish my goal! I'll let you know what I come up with! I also need to regain use of my arms after my tough workout this morning ha!