Tuesday, September 27, 2016

around here.

Y'all this week! SO MUCH BETTER. We are all sleeping and not feeling like crap. I was at the end of my rope on Friday when I took us to the doctor and both our doctors said there was nothing wrong and there was nothing they could do. Luckily, a few early bedtimes and one much needed haircut later (and three weeks later) things are so much better. Part of the problem was that I was counting my workout as my "me time" and thinking that was all that I needed. On Saturday, I woke up early to catch the Cross Country meet and then to go get my haircut. It is amazing what an hour in a stylist chair and a large latte can do for a girl. I felt so much better and actually was able to make some decisions. 

pictures that my friend Hayden took!

      We FINALLY got a rug for our dining room. Unfortunately, Nimitz decided to christen it on Saturday night. Apparently, a bag of cough drops doesn't do good things for a dog's stomach. I'll spare you the details but it took us a hour to clean up the rug's baptism.

        I indulged in a glass of wine while watching the debate last night. Five minutes in and the glass of wine was already empty. All I can say... can we not and in the wise words of a friend, "Can we get a Brad and Angelina debate", THAT would be a debate worth watching.  How did they break up?!

       In mom of the year news: After having a pretty bad week I was determined to run some errands on Thursday even though Isla was grumpy. We headed into Michaels and as she was fussing I was trying to explain to the sales lady that was staring at me that she was teething really bad. I set off and in an effort to make her laugh I quickly picked up a witch's hat to stick on her head. As SOON as I put it on  her head I realized that it was not in fact a headpiece but a decoration that had metal inside. When I went to take it off it was stuck on Isla's head and I had to yank it off resulting in SCREAMING and scrapes on her head. I awkwardly waved to the sales lady and said "those teeth." To make matter worse, I had to explain to the doctor the next day why my kid had scrapes all over her head. whoopsie.

We also found out this week that Isla is the opposite of basic and I am pretty sure is allergic to pumpkin. If your kid isn't allergic to pumpkin, these muffins are SO good. I also made this chicken dish (which takes longer than I thought, def more of a weekend dish) and this breakfast casserole.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

how to shop.

My friends and I in Chicago were talking about shopping and how we shop. One of my friends broke up with shopping for a WHOLE YEAR ( I am seriously so impressed, she lived a few blocks from lots and lots of shopping). She had a few rules built in to help make this happen. She could use ebay and consignment, new pajamas and unmentionables (obviously),  and she could buy shoes. She just finished and her take aways were that she did miss buying certain things more than others (hello stripes!) and that she was wasting a lot of time filling online shopping carts. She also loves to travel and is currently in Paris so I am betting that money is being spent more wisely! I have 3 friends doing a three month shopping ban and so far one friend said that she misses shopping most on bad days because it was easy to buy stuff to make her feel better. I will let you know how it goes!

My other friend has a much more realistic plan. She keeps a list of items that she wants and items must be on her list for three months before she can buy it. It keeps her from wasting on impulse purchases and since she's a lawyer she doesn't need as many casual clothes.  What I  like about this is that you can tell that her purchases are thoughtful and her closet is very her.  I  love this simple plan so I cleaned out my closet last week and started my list.

Things I got rid of: Some really old cardigans and sweaters, tops that were too big/long but not worth altering, and pants that I never wear because of the fit. Almost all of the things I got rid of were impulse purchases!

Adding to my list: (some of which have been on for awhile so I will probably be making a j.crew order soon!). Fall Shorts, distressed demin, a cute pullover, a saint James shirt, a cotton lilly dress, comfy fall pajamas.

Do you have any ways to make sure you don't impluse shop?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

around here.

Well, Well, Well. It's the middle of September. what. the. heck. Chicago was AMAZING but after looking forward to it so much and summer coming to an arupt end when I got back (Craig had started school and work again full time the day I got home) I was down in the dumps. Which combined with a tropical storm, an ear infection (mine), 4 new teeth, pink eye (Isla) and being so far out of routine that I don't know what routine even means anymore has meant things have not got done around here.
friends in Chicago!

She loved Aunt Hayden

trying to work on my photography skills (two years after I got my camera) but my model doesn't cooperate

we have been spending more time in Isla's room to try to contain her messes. This is my favorite corner

8 month outtake 

The child is delightful. She also makes the Hangover look tame compared to her daily antics. My mom regularly Facetimes and watches me run all over the house after her while saying "She's really busy." Trust me, I know.  Just when I have a handle on one new trick and figure out how to do things with her she learns a new one. Teething, is still a beast. Isla is constantly running fevers,  gnawing on questionable objects (I'm looking at you target cart), and screaming. I wish she could make nice with them like Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. If you tell her "No" she starts screaming, it's funny now, but I have this feeling that it won't be so funny in a few months.

We have finished a few projects around the house (which I am hoping to show you on Thursday!), Craig is training for a marathon, I am starting to think about the holidays and Isla's first birthday, and keeping up with this house of ours. My best friend from college came last weekend and it was SO nice to just have someone to hang out with for the weekend.

In other news, who else is looking forward to fall TV starting?! I can't wait to see what happens on the Blacklist (Elizabeth can't be dead!) and watching Designated Survivor. I am also kind of curious about This Is Us, I want it to be the next Parenthood because I miss that show so much.

I have NO recipes to share because I am in  a cooking rut; anyone have any new recipes they have been loving. Craig would appreciate not eating the same 4 things over and over...

Thursday, August 18, 2016

lilly pulitzer online sale.

lilly 5x5

The endless summer sale is on  Monday. Almost all my Lilly comes from this twice a year sale along with a lot of gifts for friends and family. This is the biggest sale they will have all year. Sometimes though I just throw my hands up and don't do it because it can be real annoying. Here are some things to know:

1) Lilly sizing changes yearly. I luckily live about 10 minutes from a store so I usually go and try some dresses and shorts on to see how the sizing is. Everything is final sale so it's worth your time

2) The clothing that are on sale are usually the winter resort and spring collections. They sometimes will have a smattering of the fall collection and some summer. I usually peruse their instagram and pinterest board to get an idea of what I am looking for. This helps me not get caught up in the buying just to buy.

3) The waiting system. It is SO much better than when the site crashes but it does theoretically kick you to the back of the line when you check out. If you have the site open in multiple windows it usually will let you back in right away. I usually just have both our computers up. They also require you to verify some part of your credit card info so have that handy.

4) Things that sell out first are usually the scarves, followed by accessories ( I am personally not a fan of their jewelry, a little cheap) and Elsa Tops. Dresses will usually come back in stock later in the day or the following day.

5) If you have a store nearby they may start the sale a day early, mine did last year. They say it is the same prices (I am not convinced) and my store also takes call in order if they have them.

6) The baby clothes are HUGE. Isla is in the 90% of height and she is still in 3-6 month dresses. She is going to be wearing her summer lilly in late fall. sigh.

6) If you are looking for some laughs...log on to twitter and instagram  to see how bent out of shape people get about this sale. It is some great fodder to go along with your morning coffee.

Good Luck! I am off to Chicago for a weekend with my girlfriends. Have a good weekend!