Thursday, October 20, 2016

Isla's playroom

We have been toying (no pun intended!) around with the idea of making Craig's office/junk room into Isla's playroom. I kind of resisted since we are going to be moving out of this house pretty soon and it seemed silly to have a whole room dedicated to playing with one kid. However, with her getting into everything and I have been using the dining room table as a work space for various projects I have been getting  stressed about the mess (along with the ominous warning from my mom, "just think about all the toys she will get from Christmas." #firstgrandchild). I have decided to split the room in half so Craig can still study in there at night and the other half can be Isla's space.

In terms of decor, we have a couple items that didn't fit in her room and a couple of things I really wanted but didn't fit in with the design SO I am incorporating them here!

Blanket Ladder: Isla recieved several beautiful handmade quilts and blankets that I want to display
Rifle Paper ABC print (received as a gift but didn't use), Ikea storage, bright lab lights (a crowd favorite in our house so another string is a must), Fiona Walker Elephant head (was dying for one in her room but didn't work), Copenhagen print (was going to use in the nursery if we had a boy but we didn't), target chair, land of nod baskets, land of nod tent

Monday, October 17, 2016

meal planning

meredith heron. Kitchen goals

We have been trying to adjust and keep up this year with our new normal with Isla which is easier said than done. I am attempting to do some dinner prep on Sunday so clean up isn't so bad during the week and we can hang out before Isla goes to bed. Since fall meals are my jam (and I am going back to work for a few weeks) I put together a pretty sweet meal plan that allows me to freeze leftovers

Breakfasts: Yesterday, I made these baby quiches and a big batch of muffins for Isla to stick in the fridge and freezer. I usually stick to boiled eggs and oatmeal because those seem to keep my breastmilk supply. Craig usually doesn't eat breakfast or makes scrambled eggs.

Dinner: Most of these recipes makes WAY too much food for us but all of them freeze really well or taste great as leftovers. Isla isn't picky and eats what we eat for the most part. I don't give her pork so I swap out turkey meatballs for her and usually put her food on a plate before the final round of seasoning. 

Saturday: Brats and fries (football food) 
Sunday: Alfredo pasta, ceasar salad, and bread. (craig loves the leftovers for lunch)
Monday (today): White Chicken Chili. I throw this all in the crock pot with a little more chicken broth and whole chicken breasts on low for 8 hours. I add the frozen corn about 30 minutes before serving
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Stuffed Turkey Peppers with salad. (this is one of Isla's favorites). I am doubling and freezing extxras.
Thursday: Spaghetti. *This is Craig's favorite, I actually won't eat spaghetti. This goes in freezer for the nights I'm not eating
Friday: Northwood Bean Soup. takes 30 minutes from start to finish
Saturday: Black Bean Enchiladas with rice
Sunday: Pork Chops and Roasted Veggies. Quiche for breakfast 
Monday: Butternut Squash soup. 
    Recipe: 1 large squash roasted and cubed. Put in blender and add chicken broth to puree until smooth. Meanwhile in a dutch oven, brown pork sausage. drain. put back in pot and caramelize 1 large chopped onion. Add 3 cloves crushed garlic and butternut squash puree. Add chicken broth until desired consistency and let simmer. Before serving add 5 ounces goat cheese. 

Tuesday- Friday: Attempt this meal prep and meals from Whats Gaby Eating since I start work!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

around here

I lied. About two hours after I finished last week's post, Isla started to get fussy again. At her 9 month appointment we discovered that she had an ear infection. UGH until the medicine kicked in, I let her nap on the couch (her favorite spot and to keep her head elevated) so another week was kind of shot.

Isla's pediatrician is kind of my favorite person. We discuss her at length and ALWAYS refer to her by Nancy (if you met her in person, you would know that she would not find this amusing). I ask her all kinds of weird questions but this time it was about what shoes Isla should wear to learn to walk (HOW DID WE GET HERE ALREADY!?!).... she goes through the list of shoes that she likes  and then says her goodbyes. A second later, she swings the door back open and says, " For the love of god do not put your kid in crocs, I can't stand them. Or light up shoes, why would you put lights on your kids feet. I just don't understand." YES, NANCY, YES.  Moral of the story: if you hear us talking about a Nancy, she's our make pretend bestie.

We also had the best Sunday due to snapchat filters. Lemme explain. As I was scrolling through snap on Friday Morning, I noticed that our best friends from Washington were heading towards the gulf coast, the next one confirmed that they were a mere 30 minutes from my parent's house. We ended up meeting halfway so we could catch up and let our babies make out. It was funny that last time we saw them we were all nursing some serious hangovers on their couch  and now we were sitting there talking about our babies' birth story.

Another highlight: We finally pulled the trigger on a roomba. Life changing. I HATE cleaning the floors and there is nothing more satisfying to hear a vacuum going and knowing that you aren't doing it. Instead, I sipped coffee and Christmas shopped while pretending that I had a maid named Rosie.

This week as I was over summer food and cooking in general, (why can't my family just eat popcorn for dinner and be happy?!) I decided to take the plunge to try a skinny taste meal plan. It actually wasn't a plunge, more of a fist pump because it came with a grocery list which sealed the deal. All the meals have been super easy to make and actually don't taste healthy PLUS have a ton of leftovers. I think I will be using her meal plans more often.

How is everyone doing? Can anyone else believe it's almost the holidays?

Some Links: 
I can't wait to try these Tasty tacos. They all look so good!

Emily Henderson's blog is one of my favorites and she always makes me want ALL the target things.

I really want a stripe shirt from this collection!

I've been watching these youtube videos to learn about my camera more, they are pretty helpful!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

around here.

Y'all this week! SO MUCH BETTER. We are all sleeping and not feeling like crap. I was at the end of my rope on Friday when I took us to the doctor and both our doctors said there was nothing wrong and there was nothing they could do. Luckily, a few early bedtimes and one much needed haircut later (and three weeks later) things are so much better. Part of the problem was that I was counting my workout as my "me time" and thinking that was all that I needed. On Saturday, I woke up early to catch the Cross Country meet and then to go get my haircut. It is amazing what an hour in a stylist chair and a large latte can do for a girl. I felt so much better and actually was able to make some decisions. 

pictures that my friend Hayden took!

      We FINALLY got a rug for our dining room. Unfortunately, Nimitz decided to christen it on Saturday night. Apparently, a bag of cough drops doesn't do good things for a dog's stomach. I'll spare you the details but it took us a hour to clean up the rug's baptism.

        I indulged in a glass of wine while watching the debate last night. Five minutes in and the glass of wine was already empty. All I can say... can we not and in the wise words of a friend, "Can we get a Brad and Angelina debate", THAT would be a debate worth watching.  How did they break up?!

       In mom of the year news: After having a pretty bad week I was determined to run some errands on Thursday even though Isla was grumpy. We headed into Michaels and as she was fussing I was trying to explain to the sales lady that was staring at me that she was teething really bad. I set off and in an effort to make her laugh I quickly picked up a witch's hat to stick on her head. As SOON as I put it on  her head I realized that it was not in fact a headpiece but a decoration that had metal inside. When I went to take it off it was stuck on Isla's head and I had to yank it off resulting in SCREAMING and scrapes on her head. I awkwardly waved to the sales lady and said "those teeth." To make matter worse, I had to explain to the doctor the next day why my kid had scrapes all over her head. whoopsie.

We also found out this week that Isla is the opposite of basic and I am pretty sure is allergic to pumpkin. If your kid isn't allergic to pumpkin, these muffins are SO good. I also made this chicken dish (which takes longer than I thought, def more of a weekend dish) and this breakfast casserole.