Thursday, July 28, 2016

the great rug search of 2016.

About once a year we are in need of household item pretty desperately. Last year it was a couch, Isla's rug, and dining chairs. This year it is a new living room rug. I have a jute rug currently living there that I am pretty fond of, however, Isla's newly broken in knees are not. We also need to relocated  the jute rug to the dining room  so we don't continue to scratch our wood floors (which are beautiful and a giant pain in my butt). So about a month ago, I started the next great rug search. I have a lot of criteria: 1) needs to be wool or cotton, synthetic gets all weird and nappy too fast especially with a dog 2) it has to be 9x12 or bigger, which seems to be the biggest problem 3) it has to be traditional yet fun (staying with me?) 4) It has to be a good price because who knows where we will be living and if we will have a giant living room again.

Here are some of the contenders.

Clearly I have no idea what I want. Any good websites you know of that sells rugs?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

two summer staples.

Note on Posting: I will be posting from now on on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday! Mondays and Fridays are just too hard with our home renovations and going out of town. Tuesday will be an Around Here update, Wednesday some kind of fashion post, and Thursday will be a free for all, ranging from a motherhood post, beauty, DIY/home reno, or just some thoughts from yours truly! 

Is anyone else wishing for fall weather? We might get some cooler weather in November but I am not holding my breath. I had to re stock my wardrobe with some summer basics since I haven't bought many summer clothes since our honeymoon (5 years ago).

 Neutral shorts and striped shirts are my go to. So is J.Crew but I have some MAJOR issues with their shorts (it took 15 pairs to decide that). After three wears I usually look like a kid with sand down their pants with a heavy, saggy seat. Enter Anthropolgie's Pilcro shorts, they are the perfect length, fit, and breathe through the hottest of weather. They are a little more pricey than I usually spend (I waited for a coupon) but I got them in white, which I literally wear at least twice a week. I think the navy or green will be great for fall. I highly suggest sizing down because they will stretch, don't believe the saleslady!

On to the stripe shirt. The perfect stripe shirt is elusive. It needs to a heavy weight (but not so heavy you can't wear it everyday), hit right on the hip (because baggy saggy stripes are bad stripes), and neither too lose nor too tight. This one fits the bill and it's 12 bucks.

My Jack Rogers I found on Amazon for  $60! Just check often because the prices literally change every day.(I think the app has a price alert maybe?) 

Do y'all have any summer go-tos? I would love to hear!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

around here.

Sorry this is late this morning! I was planning on finishing this post during The Bachelor (because lets be real, two hours is a loooong time) but I totally got sucked in. Do y'all watch it? I have concluded that JoJo is destined for singledom, she cannot possibly think that Robbie AND Jordan were better than Luke and Chase. She said it the first episode, she is TERRIBLE at picking guys. JoJo, you need to have a heart to heart with Chris Harrison and make better choices. That being said, Chase had me rolling last night when he was leaving, the fantasy suite van and the pants down comment was reality TV gold. Chase, I hope you are the next bachelor. For a hilarious recap of last night, I will direct you to this guy. OH and Well's drunken snapping of last week.

new highchair (finally, this was my third one)

music class! 

that sheet is for nimitz but somehow he moves it before he crawls on.

ANYWAYS, around here. We have successfully been home for 3 weeks! Isla and I had not spent more than a week and a half at home since the end of May. On Friday, we went to a concert downtown which was actually really fun. Gainesville is really great in terms of location to going places but not so great just to be here. I have been trying to step outside my comfort zone and go to events that the city has put on. Isla and I have been going to music classes put on by the library, she's still more interested in the people and putting very dirty musical instruments in her mouth than anything. I suggested to Craig that he come and he says he's not ready to mingle with other parents in that capacity yet (insert eye roll emoji). 

Speaking of music, I CANNOT get into children's music. It drives me up the wall so we have been listening a combination of Disney music, 90s throwbacks, and Megan Trainor. Yes, Megan Trainor. Her eyes lit up and she starts wiggling as soon as NO comes on. She also loves Taylor Swift but in light of recent events Isla has decided that "she would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that she never asked to be a part of" (THANKS MOM). But for real, Taylor, you can't keep up the good girl act forever, you are 26, shake it off. (for the record, I am still team Taylor over Kayne and Kim but good for you Calvin Harris, good for you) Can't wait to hear all about it in the next record!

Okay, getting real off track here. Isla had her first baking project! She and I made banana bread on Saturday. I stuck bananas in a ziploc so she could mash them with her hands (and mouth) and let her mix it in with the flour. She really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed that I was smart enough to do it before I mopped the floor. I also made this overnight french toast for Sunday's breakfast; it was really easy and good.

In an effort to wrap up this rambling... Here are some things from around the web that I have enjoyed while breastfeeding. 

Motherhood in Jordan. Wow! I don't know if I could live in such a different culture AND so close to the Syrian border. My family lived in Saudi Arabia when we were babies and our parents have told us stories but we were at least on a military compound with other Americans.

Not to get political on you but the Washington Post has been killing it with election articles. I found this one on Trump and this one on Hillary to be beneficial reads.

Reading about the new jcrew bags has me wanting one so bad. They hold so much stuff!

A Southern Girls List of Closet Essentials. In an effort to buy more wisely I have been trying to focus on more staples!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

everyday beauty routine.

Routines are everything in my life these days. My beauty routine since becoming a momma has been streamlined so I can put make up on everyday.

Hair:I only wash my hair twice a week, I am currently not running which makes this possible. When I start having more dry shampoo than hair, I wash it. My hair was super frizzy and unmanageable (thanks Florida..)when I got pregnant so I started on Aveda's Smooth infusion a year ago and I have seen a MAJOR difference. Before I hop in the shower I use two pumps of Keratese Oil (I have had my bottle for a year and a half if you are wincing at the price tag, I know I did), then I use Aveda's smooth infusion shampoo and conditioner, when I hop out out the shower and use Aveda's naturally straight. I think the Naturally Straight has made the biggest difference in the Florida humidity but my hair doesn't hold curl as well anymore. I usually braid it in a loose braid to dry and then use Julia's top knot tutorial to put it up. These hair ties are the best! I wish I could wear my hair down more but Isla has a jealous streak and keeps trying to pull it out....

Make up:
If I am moving I can get this done in 5 minutes or less.
I start with Juice Beauty moisturizer, my bestie just got me hooked on it, and  Benefit's puff off. Then if things are really ugly, this corrector, followed by Bare Minerals Stroke of Light (more sleep). I am about to bite the bullet and buy this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (you can literally smell the sunscreen, which is perfect for Florida) but right now I usually go without anything or use my bare minerals foundation. I swipe on bronzer and blush on top. For my eyes, I apply eyebrow filler, my beloved eye bright, and then mascara. Has anyone else noticed that lately benefit's mascara has been really dry after just a few uses? I am open to a new brand if anyone has any loves!

I keep a roller perfume and lip balm in my diaper bag. My mom got me the Tory Burch roller for Christmas and it is heavenly. That's it.  I try to do everything from showering to getting dressed in 20 minutes or less everyday!