Friday, April 24, 2015

oversized aerial

One of my favorite things to do is scroll through Grey Malin's site looking at all his adventures and beautiful pictures. I would love to own another one of his pieces, especially of the oversized, show stopping variety. Unfortunately, spending hundreds of dollars on a piece is not in our budget.

I have been perusing the web for a couple of alternatives and here is what I have come up with:


Or you could even buy the Grey Malin wrapping paper to frame! 

Which one is your favorite? Do you love Grey Malin as much as I do? 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

the living room

When we lived in Washington, we decided that we were going to start saving money so that when we moved next we could buy furniture and household goods. I can say that it has helped with the stress of moving SO much. I saved 20 dollars a week and all of my coaching paychecks (at this point I should mention that I started a Cross Country team in Washington and it was AWESOME!) so that we could enjoy purchasing fun stuff/furniture for our house with out having to space out a lot of big purchases or being stressed about money. I can tell you that it was the best decision in a long time.

Our first (and best ever!) purchase was our new sofa from Pottery Barn. We ended up with Cameron Sofa in Oatmeal Linen. Its the perfect size to add an armchair and substantial side tables to. We need side tables first since our lamps are on the floor so I started the hunt. I found a lot that would work but I wasn't in love with until Friday night when I saw these....
Oomph Hobe Sound Side Table. 

Yeah, check the price tag. Those are 1,500 dollars. I know how to pick them. Luckily, my dad is an awesome carpenter and I am going home this weekend so we can build them! Now, just to decided what color.....

If you are in the market for side tables, I also loved: this one, this one, and this one.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Well, we are settled in Gainesville and getting used to being hot! I am trying to get a semblance of a routine going again. But time will tell.

Mirror: I'll be honest. I am not thrilled with our new house mostly due to the lack of windows which is something I can't undo. I walked around the neighborhood last night having window envy, it's a real thing.  BUT we need mirrors to reflect what natural light we have. This one just arrived from One Kings Lane and we are enamored! It was worth every penny

Serena and Lily: If I had unlimited money, a lot of it recently would have gone to this brand. I love the neutrals and bright colors alike. I am debating getting new bedding from them and this pale pink quilt is in the running. They are having a pretty significant sale right now, so check it out!(side note: I love duvets but I can't get them to lay flat! any suggestions) 

Stuff you missed in History Class: Sorry, Taylor. There is only so many times I can listen to your new album and we have spent SO much time in the car this year. We started listening to this podcast and the history geek in me can't get enough. My favorite: The Eggnog Riot. 

Thimblepress Pineapple: I have officially hopped on the pineapple train and drank the Thimblepress kool-aid. After driving 4,000 miles this December I convinced my dad that we needed to stop in Jackson, Mississippi to see their store. Even my dad was impressed, the letterpress was huge and the space was darling! Major bonus: we spent more time talking to the people that worked there (so nice!) than shopping.

Tanks: I'll be honest, I work out 5 days a week but still wear most of my athletic gear from high school. We joined a fancy new gym and I have been brave enough to go to classes. I quickly realized that my gym clothes aren't cutting it. I have heard nothing but good things about Athleta so I am eager to get a few things.

Rifle Paper x Paper Crown: A match made in heaven? Maybe. The prices. not for me. I love this print but not for a 100 (!) so I ordered the cards instead with the intent to frame a few of them. Not that I need any more Rifle Paper prints in my house...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hello! I am not sure if anyone will/is still looking at this blog but a couple friends have mentioned that they still look for updates. So, why did I leave? I started teaching middle school full time, coaching cross country and track, and was having a hard time keeping up. We have just moved back to the east coast (more on that later) and I am ready to start re organizing my life and home. This blog is one thing I am making time for again!

Here are some highlights of life since I stopped blogging:
I wore a lot of pink

I added pretty art {and polka dots} to our house

I played with cute puppies

I kept watch for Craig's submarine

and he was promoted!

we ate birthday ice cream

I had Rachel's ginger beer cocktails. My pick? Tequila and Blood Orange, preferably at an indecent hour to be drinking and after shopping

I hung out with my grandmother

and my mom

we went to Maui!

and it was....


My best friend surprised me with a visit!

and looked at lots of art

I took my grandmother to Canada #bucketlist

and decorated my classroom!

he's still really cute

I learned calligraphy! 

and went wine tasting at woodenville 

We hiked a lot. This is hurricane ridge

I went to Texas! 

and the Pacific Coast. 

and ate croissants and sipped lattes. 

annnnnnd 2015 is looking to be even busier!

Can't wait to talk more soon. It's good to be back!