Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hello! I am not sure if anyone will/is still looking at this blog but a couple friends have mentioned that they still look for updates. So, why did I leave? I started teaching middle school full time, coaching cross country and track, and was having a hard time keeping up. We have just moved back to the east coast (more on that later) and I am ready to start re organizing my life and home. This blog is one thing I am making time for again!

Here are some highlights of life since I stopped blogging:
I wore a lot of pink

I added pretty art {and polka dots} to our house

I played with cute puppies

I kept watch for Craig's submarine

and he was promoted!

we ate birthday ice cream

I had Rachel's ginger beer cocktails. My pick? Tequila and Blood Orange, preferably at an indecent hour to be drinking and after shopping

I hung out with my grandmother

and my mom

we went to Maui!

and it was....


My best friend surprised me with a visit!

and looked at lots of art

I took my grandmother to Canada #bucketlist

and decorated my classroom!

he's still really cute

I learned calligraphy! 

and went wine tasting at woodenville 

We hiked a lot. This is hurricane ridge

I went to Texas! 

and the Pacific Coast. 

and ate croissants and sipped lattes. 

annnnnnd 2015 is looking to be even busier!

Can't wait to talk more soon. It's good to be back! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

ray bans on the cheap


When I first moved to Washington, I scooped up a pair of Tory Burch aviators  and I adored them. They were polarized and I felt cool (something I am not as my students and husband like to remind me). That is until, Nimitz's grubby little paws got ahold of them and poked a hole through the lens, meaning no more Top Gun moments for me. Before going to Florida for Spring Break I had this insane need to replace them but obviously did not want to pay full price. 

Enter Amazon: I thought they have everything else, why not my aviators. One search and I found my black Ray Bans for 80! They have every color under the sun for usually a lot cheaper than retail.
Which pair are your favorite?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

time savers

As I am busting this out when I should be leaving for my classroom, I come to you with timesavers. One of the better parts about seeing your bestie is that they always have stuff that you didn't know about annnnd they are willing to share. Kaitlin introduced me to BB brillantine and I am officially obsessed. It makes my hair super shiny and makes my natural hair (limp waves) have a bit of texture. Of course, you never walk into Sephora for one thing (or spend less than 50 dollars for that reason) I decided to try the Pret-a-Powder. I love my dry shampoo, I work out everyday but have no intention of washing my hair after each workout. I was hesitant because it was SO white on my dark hair but holy cow it works. My hair had LOTS of volume and it was particularly dirty but you couldn't even tell. A win in my book. 
On a side note, Sephora can give you a sample of just about anything. Ask for a sample of both!

Monday, April 14, 2014


I have made two purchases over the last three years that really stand out to me. One is my black longchamp, the other my Michael Kors tote. They are two bigger ticket items that I can say that I have gotten my money's worth. My tote has been on many a trip, stuffed full for subbing, and used on many an errand day. My longchamp, god bless, is waterproof so it gets ALOT of use around these parts. Nothing gets more frustrating than shoving my purse into my raincoat (judge me but I hate water spots on my purses) so my longchamp is my go to bag because nothing can mess it up.

Over the past year I have been keeping my eye on these two purses since they meet all my needs: 1) they are a classic shape and color so they won't be leaving my closet 2) Both are well made (or so it seems) to stand the test of time 3) it is a crossbody, making it perfect for traveling and errands alike.

I have been saving up for a new purse so hopefully one day these will come into the budget!
it can be monogrammed (insert heart eye emoji)

Which one would you choose?