Monday, January 23, 2017

meal plan

Here are two weeks of our meal plan in case you need some ideas. Sometimes it takes me forever to come up with ideas and I love asking other people what they are cooking. None of them are my original recipes but I added some notes of what I did. 
I won't attempt food photography. BUT I will give you a cute bridal shower gift idea. Get a Kate Spade apron and
have it monogrammed in the bride's new initials! The conversions on the bottom are an added bonus!

Monday: Quiche and salad(actually I don't use a recipe for this)
1 Trader Joe's frozen crust. They are so much better than pillsbury and I have a feeling if I look at the nutritional values I would know why.
 6 eggs
1/2 cup milk
I usually vary my mix ins but our favorites are ham, cheese, onion, mushroom,and spinach.
  Pre heat the oven to 350 (you can bump this up a little if you are in a rush) and roll out crust in a pie tin. In a mixing bowl whisk together eggs and milk. I like it to be a little less milky so I usually use a 1/2 cup of milk or less. After this I season the mix with salt,pepper, and garlic. If I have time I love to sauté the mix in's in a skillet until the ingredients are soft. I add cheese and whatever mix in's I have to the eggs mixture, pour it in tin the pie crust, and bake for about 35-40 minutes or until the middle is set.

I love this as a Monday meal because it makes a great breakfast throughout the week. If I am really ambitious I make two!

Tuesday: Skinny Taste Bahn Mi Rice Bowls. I used the pre chopped crunch mix from Trader Joe's instead of cabbage. Way easier and still yummy!

Wednesday: Goop breakfast bowls. Quinoa + babies= mess.

Thursday: Slow cooker Turkey Chili. So easy and different than other chilis I make. It was also pretty thick so it wasn't too messy for Isla (she eats what we do)

Friday: Leftovers.

Saturday: We tried M Shack! Which is basically the southern version of Shake Shack, it was good!

Sunday: Brussel Sprout Pasta   So we didn't love this very much and I was so pumped for it. I think I would have double the amount of sprouts and halved the balsamic vinegar to make it better. We had a bacon spinach salad with dijon dressing and that made up for it!

Monday: Soulful Chicken noodle soup with cornbread.The prep took about 5 minutes. I substituted mushrooms for the celery, used boneless breast, seasoned progresso chicken broth, and grabbed a poultry seasoning package in the fresh herb section.  This is a crockpot soup!

Tuesday: Skinny Taste chicken tacos. I will not be making homemade pico de gallo and I will add rice to make bowls for Isla and I.

Wednesday: Turkey Burgers. Hopefully these are good and I don't miss my chuck burgers too much!

Thursday: Leftovers. I'm leaving for a weekend in Austin with friends so this makes it easy for Craig!

Friday: Spaghetti. This is a great recipe for husbands! I don't love spaghetti so I tend to make it when I am about to leave so he has a TON of leftovers. Its pretty straight forward for him to make it on his own (which he will be doing). I have made it without the ground beef so I could just toss in frozen meatballs (which later turned into meatball subs).

Saturday: Grilled Sausages, Sautéed Onions and Peppers with Fries.  This used to be a pretty standard Saturday meal around my house growing up. It was easy to make more of in case my brothers or I brought friends home.

So there you have it! What are some of your favorite week night meals? I am always on the hunt for new recipes and would love to hear!


  1. Keep this coming. I loved your meal plans. I have 3 kids and always looking for healthier alternative. You should try this one One of my families favorite.

    1. Sorry for the delay! That sounds amazing and has everything that Isla will eat. I will post one on Monday!

  2. Vegan enchiladas! That we then add cheese to :)

    1. yummmmm I will just have to trick Craig into thinking that there is meat in them. miss yoU!


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