Wednesday, January 18, 2017

things of note.

a collection of random things that I have taken note of. 

I got the Serena and Lily Catalog last night and it's timing happen to fall in line with us deciding we desperately need a new bed. We DIYed our headboard a few years ago but hasn't really been right since being moved and it's SO annoying. However, this cane headboard, not annoying in the most perfect way possible. What is annoying, it's price tag. A girl can dream right? 

Target's new line (and Nate Berkus Baby!) is killing me. I missed out on their Valentine's day stuff last year because I couldn't drive (c sections and manual cars don't work out) but you better believe this wreath is coming home with me. 

We are wrapping up house projects left and right lately; the front door and shutters is next on the list for a makeover! We decided on a pretty blue for the door and creamy white shutters. Isla and I are on a mission to get paint samples when she wakes up. 

Can you believe this baby shirt? I just scooped up a gingham button down from j.crew (for under 20, is this real life?!) and I think Isla and I need to be twins!

Oh beige nikes. I will be welcoming you with open arms tomorrow when the postman comes. I can't wait to wear these babies to the playground and beyond. 

1Canoe2 are releasing globes again! I am so pumped, I never scooped one up at Anthro years ago but these are going to be only 30! I don't think they are of the same quality but for that price tag who cares.

I love knick knacks. Isla loves collecting coins that she finds around the house from her dad's pockets. This snail wins for everyone.

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