Wednesday, February 15, 2017

upgrade everyday: bedding

In the spirit with keeping resolutions we bought a new bed this weekend! Our bedding has seen better days, between age and a dog who sleeps in our bed, it is time to be replaced.  While I LOVE LOVE all white bedding, it's not practical for us. I have spent the last couple nights searching for new bedding and I think we have some winners. Drumrollllll please!

This Brooklinen has amazing reviews and I love how crisp the blue and white stripes look. Plus, the only colors Craig and I regularly agree on are blue, white, and grey. 

I am gonna have to sell the green quilt a little bit but I want a pop of color and this quilt reverses to a tamer light blue

and textured pillows! Because theres nothing like hearing "why do we have so many pillows?!"

What do you think? Do you layer your bedding?

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