Wednesday, May 11, 2011

back home with the new roommates

I have moved back into my parent's very very tiny (but thankfully temporary) house in Florida. My stuff is everywhere!!! My mom left me with two instructions; do your laundry and organize it all. So I have done my laundry but can't bring myself to organize it. My dad came home for lunch and told me to not worry about it too much, I can finally be stress free. So in the meantime I have started to pick up the pace on the wedding stuff.

So far today I have emailed Patty, the flower lady, to change to bridesmaid's bouquets and to add those fabulous arrangements to my reception. I told her I didn't know what I wanted for the bridesmaids but I just wanted them fuller than just plain Gerber daisies.

I have also called Rhonda, the cake lady, to set up an appointment to design the cake with me. I am hoping to do that sometime between now and when I leave for CO next week because she lives so far away. I am going to bring ideas but I mean she designed for Miss. America, she has to have good taste!

I have also spent $250 on the paper-source website this morning: I am so happy I have been lazy and putting this off. They just introduced return address embossers and these will be SO much better than the  stamps. My save the dates got somewhat messy because the ink would not dry and ended up smearing.
It will say Collins and James and Ave Maria at the top

I also picked out the envelope liners. I went with orange because there are too many variations of pink and since I can't go to the store to see it, this was a safer bet. I think it is also very pretty

 I also bought the envelopes in silver. But its pointless to put on here because you won't be able to see them.

Now maybe, I'll get around to showering. I guess college is really over and real life has started because showering is no longer optional.....its required.

PS. yesterday was my birthday and I received the gift of the I phone which I am getting today! So is Mom that way we can face time next year!

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