Friday, March 4, 2011

I have a problem

 Remember the couple on the top left? They are sickening cute.  nibbling toes. gross.

I daydream about my wedding about 90% of the day. One of that latest ones that I get caught up in is wedding photos. I am SO excited for Lauren Kinsey to shoot our wedding even more so because she has a cute little blog that reminds me everyday. 

These are from the new build-a- board thing on  which I have avoided trying out and now I know why. I am already addicted! I made two already (the other is hair).Please don't be shocked when I send you an email of your wedding inspiration board. Or at least how I would see it. Remember, weddings are a reflection of self!

BIG NEWS: We have a DJ and a limo company! We can start making our online playlist for the wedding today so send in your requests!!! Lord knows I can't dance and rhythm and tune mean nothing to me so it really is up to everyone else

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