Thursday, March 3, 2011

lilly bedding...I think so

Lilly Pulitzer® Trel-A-Lilly Quilt
My mom was on Garnet Hill Tuesday night and she saw this wonderful Lilly Pulitzer bedding on sale for $50. Of course we had to have it! The problem is where to put it. My room in my parents' house is going to be more modern with silver and purple and boy roommates (aka Craig) do not appreciate these things. Well, we bought it to put somewhere in my room at my parents. 

This did not stop me from teasing Craig. I just happened to send him a picture of it with a note saying "Don't you just love it?!"  My morning text was, Mad don't test my manliness. I responded but we already bought it! 
When we were talking that night, I told him I got it for our room because I love pink. I also mentioned it was on sale. He goes I looked at it again and its not that bad I guess we can have it in our room. HAHHA I love that he appreciates Lilly. 

No we are not having this in my new house but I do love it and if we ever have a second bedroom this will be in it. (We ended up buying two!) Now I have my eye on Lilly shower curtains :)

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