Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Life

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Do we like this hairdo?

This year is going to be big, huge, life-changing. Why may you ask? At some point this year I will be forced to become a full fledged adult. Not just a make believe adult with Daddy's credit card. I was putting all the stuff that I already know for the year in my Lilly Agenda and it is packed! For example, I have Mother's Day, College Graduation, and my birthday three days in a row in May. But, as we all know most importantly we're getting married! It is only 7 months away and I have so much to do! I am really trying hard to get it all done considering I am laying on the couch and reading stylemepretty.com.

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why is he eating her toes?

You can't blame me though they have their first ever E-Magazine and it has the best weddings of 2010 in it. Wedding research right? I also got a sweet new laptop and it needs to be broken in so this is all really in the name of being productive.

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I love love paper goods, but they are so darn expensive

The Georgetown Finest is the best wedding of the year in my opinion. Maybe its because they got married in a place close to my heart or the fact they have pictures at the fabulous cupcake bakery, or perhaps because they got married at the most fabulous red door chapel downtown.

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