Monday, March 7, 2011

One Step Closer

This weekend Craig and I made a major step in the process of getting married. We finished Marriage Encounter. This two weekend event was set up in order to give you an idea of what marriage is about and what it means religiously. The first weekend was PAINFUL, this weekend was not nearly as bad. It may have helped that I was basically half asleep as a result of a sugar coma from eating too much cheesecake. It may have also helped that the people talking were mostly normal. The biggest message from this weekend was to make goals but realize that life doesn't go as planned and plans change.  In other words, life sucks and then you die. Craig's comment on this was "I mean for once its nice that you aren't Miss. Optimistic, you will be hard to disappoint." Glad he knows that I don't think life is rainbows and butterflies. (Craig lives life according to the theory that the glass is always half full, I'm a more of a half empty kinda girl)

Some of our first year goals are:
1) start my masters (sub goal: find motivation)
2) get a puppy
3) Do some traveling
4) Figure out where we are living
5) Craig completing nuclear sub school (all of it)
6) Get my first teaching job
^ Oh geez college is really ending

We also spent a TON of time deciding what we might want our house to look like. At five months to go this is getting a whole lot more real. We made a list of things that Craig needs to ditch and things that  we want for the house.

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