Friday, February 11, 2011

weekend goals

I am so excited to do wedding stuff this weekend. When you go from getting to plan everyday to only getting to dream about it, it gets pretty depressing. On Sunday there will be a huge 6 month countdown list of everything I write down during the day that needs to be done between then and August 13. This list spans two pages, I will warn you. So for now here are some weekend goals


1) Hit Paper Source in a big way.
 If you remember all the cardstock that I need for invitations will come from there. I need to decide what colors I like so I can order them in bulk online

They also have the means to make this


 no offense to Martha but Paper-Source has really cute scalloped edge circles that would be perfect to spell out Thank you or to put some cute phrase on the sweet table. 

2. Look for the groomsmen ties at J.Crew
   I can already see my brothers having a heart attack over me thinking about this. I think they should really focus on the fact that I thought of them at all. 
End-on-end cotton tie
perfect with a navy blue suit
3. general shinnagins at J.Crew

Gingham Sonoma short
comfy spring clothes
4. Look for some blingy-er shoes at Nordstrom
5. look for cake platters and trays to put donuts on

    I told Craig that I hoped he liked my wedding dress. His response? eh even if I don't I only have to see it one day. How sensitive of him...

This list seems more than do-able.

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