Monday, February 14, 2011

some potential and 6 months to go!

4.5 months down 6 to go! I feel like I have been engaged forever not just 4.5 months, I wonder what marriage is going to feel like.... haha just kidding! I love him, even when he wakes me up at 4:20 am to wish me a Happy Valentines Day.  I had a minor freak out yesterday about getting married. Mostly because I can't teach next year and I won't have any of my friends from college with me. Somehow Martha Stewart came into the picture while I was freaking out. Something along the lines of "I can't be Martha all day, heck Martha can't be Martha all day."  and then I was babbling that I was never going to have friends and my only friend will be my Great Dane Lilly. Yes, again I am crazy

 In other news.....
We found a place that will potentially  do our wedding invitations! It is place called createtwo in Auburn and it has clients like Virginia Tech and I went in there on a whim even though I know they mostly work corporate stuff. I thought the worst that they could say was no right?

some examples of their work

They were intrigued by my idea and thought I was a little crazy but they said that they think they can do it. The catch is that they would have to do them in a letterpress, which mean BIG bucks. They do so much pretty stuff and I know I have to wait until they come back with a price for us.... BUT a couple of ideas.

they have these in  scrapbook form for the envelope liners

I picked out the envelopes from Paper-Source  in the colors shimmer silver and opal. Whatever color I don't use for the envelope will be used for the inner label.

label if you remember.

I haven't forgotten the list, it just keeps getting longer making it hard to put up!

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