Wednesday, January 11, 2017

5 for 2017

I know, I know. Podcasts have been around for a loooong time but we have started listening to them a lot more. They make naptime chores more enjoyable, long walks shorter, and days that your house feels isolating more sociable. We have branched out lately from our go to's (Stuff You Should Know, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Modern Love) and discovered a few new ones: Sidedoor (short 20 minute episodes put out by the Smithsonian), Accused (same vibe as Serial but its a cold case), Reply All (This is a little bit of everything but really hit or miss), and Gilmore Guys (really helping me get to the bottom of why I didn't like the new episodes). 

Roomba: Get one. It will change your life. We snatched ours up on Groupon for 200 and we haven't regretted it for a moment. I no longer live in fear of what is growing under our couch.  I want the fancy mop one next!

Weekend Trips: Lucky for me that I have a group of girlfriends that live all over the country and we love getting together. We did a weekend trip to Chicago this summer and I am heading to Texas in couple weeks to meet up with them. They are the perfect length of time to get away. Craig and I are also heading to Tampa for a concert in March and Vail in May. I am hoping to plan a fun family one for the three of us and one for Craig's 30th birthday! 

Upgrading Everyday: I have been making a point of upgrading the things I use everyday. So far the roomba and a new curling iron have made my days so much easier (and feel a little bit more special). Next up, our pots and pans.

Making Time for the Little Things: Whew, I really let this go this past year. It was pretty easy to collapse in a heap for the first few months after we had Isla and now it's become a habit. I've been trying to use the first 15 minutes after working out in the morning to use my planner, write out a note to Craig for him to find, or anything else I want to do. I really want to get this lettering journal to do after Isla's goes to bed.  

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