Wednesday, January 4, 2017

new year

A New Year: Time took on a whole new meaning this year with a baby born on New Years. I could literally watch time go by as she grew and changed. It was a big year of change and trying to figure out how to balance being a mom, wife, and me. I don't usually make resolutions but I had a running list in my head of things I wanted to do in 2017. As I was scrolling through instagram, I was coming across people having a word for 2017. In my head, I was like a word that's silly until I came to Waiting on Martha's instagram (love this idea) and her word was complete. That is exactly the word I need (along with organization). I LOVED LOVED LOVED this past year with Isla but  I am ready to pick some things back up and follow through (or complete them if you will).

Here is a list:
1. photo albums: I have photos all over the place and this year has really taught me that I do not want to lose these memories. My goal to make yearly albums for the last 6 years (and hopefully a combined college one for Craig and I) along with a wedding album. If you have any recs of a website to make albums I would love to hear!

2. Dates: Not that we haven't gone on any... we usually sneak out when Grandparents come to visit but they aren't regular. We love spending time with Isla but she is starting to hit the age where she requires  more attention at a restaurant.  Craig and I are going to find a babysitter so we can try to make it a point to go out alone.

3. Organizing my house: Goodness. It has gotten out of control in terms of things being stashed in all kinds of places. I want to complete house organization projects. I started doing the simplified planner month challenge to kickstart my year.

4. Friends: Trying to be SO much better about friends. I want to remember birthdays, wedding anniversaries, big work accomplishments, etc. My friends have been amazingly kind to Isla and I and I want to work to be half as good as they are. This is just as much as organizing my time to make it happen as it is about completing gifts.

5. Complete thoughts: This is really random and drives Craig BONKERS. Since I have had Isla I can be in the middle of a sentence and just stop. I think its related to  post pregnancy (and my head being totally geared towards Isla) but I am trying to be mindful of it so I can stop doing it.  (I will also pick up the vacuum cleaner when I am done using it, LOVE YOU!)

Do y'all make resolutions or goals for the New Year? I would love to hear them!

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  1. Oh buddy I can't wait until August when I'm done with school! Plan a date night with Craig then- I'll come down and babysit <3


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