Thursday, October 20, 2016

Isla's playroom

We have been toying (no pun intended!) around with the idea of making Craig's office/junk room into Isla's playroom. I kind of resisted since we are going to be moving out of this house pretty soon and it seemed silly to have a whole room dedicated to playing with one kid. However, with her getting into everything and I have been using the dining room table as a work space for various projects I have been getting  stressed about the mess (along with the ominous warning from my mom, "just think about all the toys she will get from Christmas." #firstgrandchild). I have decided to split the room in half so Craig can still study in there at night and the other half can be Isla's space.

In terms of decor, we have a couple items that didn't fit in her room and a couple of things I really wanted but didn't fit in with the design SO I am incorporating them here!

Blanket Ladder: Isla recieved several beautiful handmade quilts and blankets that I want to display
Rifle Paper ABC print (received as a gift but didn't use), Ikea storage, bright lab lights (a crowd favorite in our house so another string is a must), Fiona Walker Elephant head (was dying for one in her room but didn't work), Copenhagen print (was going to use in the nursery if we had a boy but we didn't), target chair, land of nod baskets, land of nod tent

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