Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Isla's Birthday

Isla is ONE! I still haven't actually wrapped my mind around that but we celebrated. We kept it pretty low key since it was New Years Day and Isla got overwhelmed at Christmas.

Our parents stayed at hotels so that we could wake up with Isla and spend some time as a family of three celebrating this milestone. It was the sweetest part of the day because she was SO excited to see her teepee and kept sticking her head in and out of it to make sure we will still watching. 
The rest of the day was kind of a blur but we loved watching her eat cake and celebrate her being one.

This little white outfit is a bigger version of the one we brought her home from the hospital in. It was a bittersweet moment to put it on and see how well it fit compared to the newborn one was too big for her the same time last year.

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