Monday, October 17, 2016

meal planning

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We have been trying to adjust and keep up this year with our new normal with Isla which is easier said than done. I am attempting to do some dinner prep on Sunday so clean up isn't so bad during the week and we can hang out before Isla goes to bed. Since fall meals are my jam (and I am going back to work for a few weeks) I put together a pretty sweet meal plan that allows me to freeze leftovers

Breakfasts: Yesterday, I made these baby quiches and a big batch of muffins for Isla to stick in the fridge and freezer. I usually stick to boiled eggs and oatmeal because those seem to keep my breastmilk supply. Craig usually doesn't eat breakfast or makes scrambled eggs.

Dinner: Most of these recipes makes WAY too much food for us but all of them freeze really well or taste great as leftovers. Isla isn't picky and eats what we eat for the most part. I don't give her pork so I swap out turkey meatballs for her and usually put her food on a plate before the final round of seasoning. 

Saturday: Brats and fries (football food) 
Sunday: Alfredo pasta, ceasar salad, and bread. (craig loves the leftovers for lunch)
Monday (today): White Chicken Chili. I throw this all in the crock pot with a little more chicken broth and whole chicken breasts on low for 8 hours. I add the frozen corn about 30 minutes before serving
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Stuffed Turkey Peppers with salad. (this is one of Isla's favorites). I am doubling and freezing extxras.
Thursday: Spaghetti. *This is Craig's favorite, I actually won't eat spaghetti. This goes in freezer for the nights I'm not eating
Friday: Northwood Bean Soup. takes 30 minutes from start to finish
Saturday: Black Bean Enchiladas with rice
Sunday: Pork Chops and Roasted Veggies. Quiche for breakfast 
Monday: Butternut Squash soup. 
    Recipe: 1 large squash roasted and cubed. Put in blender and add chicken broth to puree until smooth. Meanwhile in a dutch oven, brown pork sausage. drain. put back in pot and caramelize 1 large chopped onion. Add 3 cloves crushed garlic and butternut squash puree. Add chicken broth until desired consistency and let simmer. Before serving add 5 ounces goat cheese. 

Tuesday- Friday: Attempt this meal prep and meals from Whats Gaby Eating since I start work!

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