Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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I lied. About two hours after I finished last week's post, Isla started to get fussy again. At her 9 month appointment we discovered that she had an ear infection. UGH until the medicine kicked in, I let her nap on the couch (her favorite spot and to keep her head elevated) so another week was kind of shot.

Isla's pediatrician is kind of my favorite person. We discuss her at length and ALWAYS refer to her by Nancy (if you met her in person, you would know that she would not find this amusing). I ask her all kinds of weird questions but this time it was about what shoes Isla should wear to learn to walk (HOW DID WE GET HERE ALREADY!?!).... she goes through the list of shoes that she likes  and then says her goodbyes. A second later, she swings the door back open and says, " For the love of god do not put your kid in crocs, I can't stand them. Or light up shoes, why would you put lights on your kids feet. I just don't understand." YES, NANCY, YES.  Moral of the story: if you hear us talking about a Nancy, she's our make pretend bestie.

We also had the best Sunday due to snapchat filters. Lemme explain. As I was scrolling through snap on Friday Morning, I noticed that our best friends from Washington were heading towards the gulf coast, the next one confirmed that they were a mere 30 minutes from my parent's house. We ended up meeting halfway so we could catch up and let our babies make out. It was funny that last time we saw them we were all nursing some serious hangovers on their couch  and now we were sitting there talking about our babies' birth story.

Another highlight: We finally pulled the trigger on a roomba. Life changing. I HATE cleaning the floors and there is nothing more satisfying to hear a vacuum going and knowing that you aren't doing it. Instead, I sipped coffee and Christmas shopped while pretending that I had a maid named Rosie.

This week as I was over summer food and cooking in general, (why can't my family just eat popcorn for dinner and be happy?!) I decided to take the plunge to try a skinny taste meal plan. It actually wasn't a plunge, more of a fist pump because it came with a grocery list which sealed the deal. All the meals have been super easy to make and actually don't taste healthy PLUS have a ton of leftovers. I think I will be using her meal plans more often.

How is everyone doing? Can anyone else believe it's almost the holidays?

Some Links: 
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I've been watching these youtube videos to learn about my camera more, they are pretty helpful!

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