Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What I am wearing: Chicago edition

I am heading to Chicago next week to meet up with my best friends from high school! I am not sure how it all came together but one day on our group text we all decided to buy tickets for my friend's birthday who lives downtown.

I am excited to see my friends and have a reason to change up my normal outfits. Miss. Isla is staying at home so I can wear shirts that don't have the easiest access, a small bag, and JEANS.

The back of this top is !!!!!! (also love this off the shoulder top and price tag...under 30!)
My favorite white jeans
This bag is at the top of my wishlist. It is the perfect size and I love all the fun add ons. 
I had a similar pair of Joie Sandals last year that met Nimitz's mouth, but these are more affordable and look perfect for walking around the city.

I can't wait to top off this look with a fun necklace and my favorite earrings and sunglasses.

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