Thursday, August 11, 2016

how i got in shape post pregnancy.

This is undoubtably one of the bigger questions I have been asked since I have had Isla.  I should first say that my level of fitness is much different than most... I ran track and cross country year round from ages 13-20 including in college. My doctor cleared me for as much exercise as I wanted (with the usual precautions about heat and heart rate) during pregnancy. I would encourage you to make that one of your first questions to your doctor, I felt much more comfortable doing what I wanted after.
fitbit/best preggo lady shorts and tank/ bellyband/nike training club/purebarre video

Before pregnancy: We had been talking about thinking about trying for a babe after Craig's last deployment so about 6 months before I got pregnant I started upping my ab routine and weights. I did 8 minutes of abs every other day (I searched around youtube) and used Nike Training Clubs app for free weight training. Trying to keep muscle tone is the hardest part of pregnancy fitness. I also tried to get my running mileage up. If you aren't a runner I would try to up your cardio game somehow. This made a HUGE difference during the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy.
*Also take pre-natals. I def didn't and one of the nurses scared me into thinking all kinds of horrible things were going to happen because of it..she's perfectly healthy.

During Pregnancy: Again this is different for every person. I didn't have many side effects of pregnancy so I was able to work out most days. I tried to stick to indoor workouts so I wasn't worried about overheating.  I ran until the day before I had Isla but I was down to about 2 miles with a lot of breaks.  I was the preggo lady that the front desk ladies raised an eyebrow at when I walked in the gym. I tried to use my fitbit to track 10,000 steps everyday, a lot of them came from walking.  I also streamed pure barre workouts which is low impact and little weight.

 I found out at 27 weeks that I had gestational diabetes which slowed my weight gain wayyyyy down. I took my blood sugar 4 times a day and stuck to mostly salads and soups with lots of protein. It also forced me to workout even when I didn't want to because I didn't want to go on meds.

Post Pregnancy: I used a belly band which helped with the swelling and my back pain. (someone told me that they didn't want to be vain and use a band when I suggested would wrap a swollen ankle so why not a swollen belly. ) I kept it on for 40 very long, annoying days. I would say that it was a big game changer and other than my belly button my stomach looks the same as before. It also helped my hips close up so all my pants fit.

I started walking every other day around the block the week I got back, it felt really good to get out of the house albeit painful. I increased how much I was able to walk every week and I ran the day I was cleared at my 8 week appointment. My doctor told me that I had a much different post pregnancy experience because I never went into labor, which I can appreciate. I also started pure barre at the studio which was LIFE CHANGING. I can't say enough good things; if you look at the prices and scream a little I promise it's worth doing at least a month. It gave my body a good reset and helped my flexibility along with my raging mood swings.

Currently, I get up about 5:30ish most mornings to go to pure barre (Craig got me a membership as a birthday/mothers day gift) and I walk Nimitz with Isla after. Hopefully this encourages anyone that is worried about post pregnancy, dedicate some time for yourself and it will pay off. promise! Anyone have any pregnancy workout hacks? I would love to hear!
* I also didn't go back to work so that also makes a big difference timewise!

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