Tuesday, August 9, 2016

isla at 7 months

Sorry for the radio silence last week. The biggest hurdle we have had with Isla has been teething. She couldn't sleep so neither could I. The best post I would have come up with was how to make coffee or cocktails. Her two bottom teeth finally poked through on Friday and has been currently sleeping for over two hours.

Movement: She started crawling!  Full on crawling, not the human swiffer we were used to.Which is equal parts fun and terrifying. I have to keep my eyes on her at all time because she crawls until gets into something or bangs her head. She can also pull up on things, like her human jungle gym of a mother.  I am hedging my bets that she starts walking at 10 months and then it is really going to be game over.

Eating: I finally settled on a high chair (took me three tries) so eating has become more adventurous. She loves to feed herself...and Nimitz. It's a fun game of him licking her face, I tell him to move and then she immediately sticks her hand out for him to lick. I am honestly not sure who gets more food, Nimitz or Isla. Luckily she likes just about anything, chicken being a big winner this week!  She also loves roasted bananas in yogurt and oatmeal (and so do I!).We can't get her to drink water without us putting it in a straw. If anyone has any suggestions for that, I would love to hear!

Playing: I finally moved Isla out of her newborn tub and she LOVES it. She stuffs foam letters in the mouth while splashing until we pull the plug on bathtime. I especially love bathtime because she wants to go to bed RIGHT after. It's glorious. Other things she loves: FaceTime, Nimitz, Nimitz's dog bed, Nimitz's toys, and my cellphone.... why do I buy anything?! She has a few teethers she also likes to play with. She also loves to stick her tongue out and blow raspberries, and squeal like a parrot. The pool has also been a big hit this summer which is funny because we weren't pool kids growing up but I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time there in the future.

Breastfeeding: We are starting to struggle in that department a bit. I have noticed that my supply has dropped more than it has in the past and some nights she wakes up hungry. Isla also just isn't as interested during the day because she rather be playing with Nimitz or crawling. I am hoping it picks back up but she will probably have to be on formula later this month when I go to Chicago for the weekend. My goal was 6 months so I am pretty proud of us!

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