Thursday, August 18, 2016

lilly pulitzer online sale.

lilly 5x5

The endless summer sale is on  Monday. Almost all my Lilly comes from this twice a year sale along with a lot of gifts for friends and family. This is the biggest sale they will have all year. Sometimes though I just throw my hands up and don't do it because it can be real annoying. Here are some things to know:

1) Lilly sizing changes yearly. I luckily live about 10 minutes from a store so I usually go and try some dresses and shorts on to see how the sizing is. Everything is final sale so it's worth your time

2) The clothing that are on sale are usually the winter resort and spring collections. They sometimes will have a smattering of the fall collection and some summer. I usually peruse their instagram and pinterest board to get an idea of what I am looking for. This helps me not get caught up in the buying just to buy.

3) The waiting system. It is SO much better than when the site crashes but it does theoretically kick you to the back of the line when you check out. If you have the site open in multiple windows it usually will let you back in right away. I usually just have both our computers up. They also require you to verify some part of your credit card info so have that handy.

4) Things that sell out first are usually the scarves, followed by accessories ( I am personally not a fan of their jewelry, a little cheap) and Elsa Tops. Dresses will usually come back in stock later in the day or the following day.

5) If you have a store nearby they may start the sale a day early, mine did last year. They say it is the same prices (I am not convinced) and my store also takes call in order if they have them.

6) The baby clothes are HUGE. Isla is in the 90% of height and she is still in 3-6 month dresses. She is going to be wearing her summer lilly in late fall. sigh.

6) If you are looking for some laughs...log on to twitter and instagram  to see how bent out of shape people get about this sale. It is some great fodder to go along with your morning coffee.

Good Luck! I am off to Chicago for a weekend with my girlfriends. Have a good weekend!

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