Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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Well, if I would have to sum up the last week it has been alternating between this Olympic diver's belly flop  and Shaune Miller diving over the line. For a positive, the Olympics this year have been amazing (does anyone else wish they can type in emojis. There so are many options for how I feel). I cannot stop watching. I have been personally invested in Michael Phelps mean mugging, Simone Biles getting gold, and omg a great grandmother coaching her grandson.  I mean, I have to stay up late and watch...they need me. As a result, I have not worked out since the Olympics have started, the irony is rich. Our personal goal is to go to the next summer Olympics in the United States. Craig is arguing for winter Olympics but lets be real, my love of sports is dictated by how the weather is. Thanks but no thanks for cheering on the home team in a parka. Anyways....

Craig and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on Saturday! It's hard to believe that we have been married five years because it feels like forever and yet no time at all. However, you know you have been married five years when you make your husband a really sweet scavenger hunt all over the house but the present is a water flosser (which he's always wanted). We went out on a date during which Craig tried to eat my entire meal. I HATE sharing food, it literally pains me when he takes more than a bite off of my plate. It was really nice to have a conversation and eat dinner without a baby shrieking like a hyena for more food. (I'm serious, she gets so  also excited she stomps her feet)

I am still trying to figure out how to get things done since Isla's gone mobile. One of my handy tricks is that I will call my mom on FaceTime and put the phone close to Isla so she can chat with her while I run to another part of the house. My mom just shouts if Isla stop's playing with the phone. I know, I know, Mom of the Year. I have also been relying on baby jail and baby vegas. She has also started to stand up in the tub and do a "look mom, no hands" trick.

On the belly flop side of things, breastfeeding has gotten real crappy. Isla has started to bite and I heard if you scream (and involuntary out of pain) when they clamp down it will get them to stop. Well, it only results in Isla sobbing due to the noise and refusing to eat. So if you have any tips, let me know. I also am not producing a ton of milk so I am pumping around the clock which is equal parts exhausting and time consuming. The noise of that pump will haunt me in my sleep.

How are y'all this week, belly flop or diving? 

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