Tuesday, September 20, 2016

around here.

Well, Well, Well. It's the middle of September. what. the. heck. Chicago was AMAZING but after looking forward to it so much and summer coming to an arupt end when I got back (Craig had started school and work again full time the day I got home) I was down in the dumps. Which combined with a tropical storm, an ear infection (mine), 4 new teeth, pink eye (Isla) and being so far out of routine that I don't know what routine even means anymore has meant things have not got done around here.
friends in Chicago!

She loved Aunt Hayden

trying to work on my photography skills (two years after I got my camera) but my model doesn't cooperate

we have been spending more time in Isla's room to try to contain her messes. This is my favorite corner

8 month outtake 

The child is delightful. She also makes the Hangover look tame compared to her daily antics. My mom regularly Facetimes and watches me run all over the house after her while saying "She's really busy." Trust me, I know.  Just when I have a handle on one new trick and figure out how to do things with her she learns a new one. Teething, is still a beast. Isla is constantly running fevers,  gnawing on questionable objects (I'm looking at you target cart), and screaming. I wish she could make nice with them like Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. If you tell her "No" she starts screaming, it's funny now, but I have this feeling that it won't be so funny in a few months.

We have finished a few projects around the house (which I am hoping to show you on Thursday!), Craig is training for a marathon, I am starting to think about the holidays and Isla's first birthday, and keeping up with this house of ours. My best friend from college came last weekend and it was SO nice to just have someone to hang out with for the weekend.

In other news, who else is looking forward to fall TV starting?! I can't wait to see what happens on the Blacklist (Elizabeth can't be dead!) and watching Designated Survivor. I am also kind of curious about This Is Us, I want it to be the next Parenthood because I miss that show so much.

I have NO recipes to share because I am in  a cooking rut; anyone have any new recipes they have been loving. Craig would appreciate not eating the same 4 things over and over...

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