Wednesday, July 27, 2016

two summer staples.

Note on Posting: I will be posting from now on on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday! Mondays and Fridays are just too hard with our home renovations and going out of town. Tuesday will be an Around Here update, Wednesday some kind of fashion post, and Thursday will be a free for all, ranging from a motherhood post, beauty, DIY/home reno, or just some thoughts from yours truly! 

Is anyone else wishing for fall weather? We might get some cooler weather in November but I am not holding my breath. I had to re stock my wardrobe with some summer basics since I haven't bought many summer clothes since our honeymoon (5 years ago).

 Neutral shorts and striped shirts are my go to. So is J.Crew but I have some MAJOR issues with their shorts (it took 15 pairs to decide that). After three wears I usually look like a kid with sand down their pants with a heavy, saggy seat. Enter Anthropolgie's Pilcro shorts, they are the perfect length, fit, and breathe through the hottest of weather. They are a little more pricey than I usually spend (I waited for a coupon) but I got them in white, which I literally wear at least twice a week. I think the navy or green will be great for fall. I highly suggest sizing down because they will stretch, don't believe the saleslady!

On to the stripe shirt. The perfect stripe shirt is elusive. It needs to a heavy weight (but not so heavy you can't wear it everyday), hit right on the hip (because baggy saggy stripes are bad stripes), and neither too lose nor too tight. This one fits the bill and it's 12 bucks.

My Jack Rogers I found on Amazon for  $60! Just check often because the prices literally change every day.(I think the app has a price alert maybe?) 

Do y'all have any summer go-tos? I would love to hear!

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