Wednesday, September 16, 2015

a nursery for baby schaefer

At 20 weeks, Baby Schaefer seemed SO far away. Now entering week 24, the holidays creeping up, and my belly growing by the day I feel like time is of the essence. Luckily, we are almost settled in our new house and our hardwood floors are being restored (see ya, green carpet!) I can start shifting my focus to the baby!

Since I don't know the gender of the baby (it's KILLING me) we are mostly sticking to neutrals with pops of color. I am trying really hard to pick things that can grow with the baby so I am not stuck re doing a whole room down the road. All the furniture are shades of white or grey!

Pictured: Dwell Studio sheets/Dash and Albert rug/ ikea sheepskin

Pictured: Lullie Wallace Bee Print/ Rifle Paper Oyster Print/ Strawberry Moth Pennant

Pictured:Bright Lab Lights/ Serena and Lily Bookend/ Grimms Rainbow Stacker/Threshold Side Table.

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  1. Oh, all this baby stuff is so cute and wonderful! Troubles connected with preparing to have a baby are really pleasant.


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