Monday, November 16, 2015

guys gift guide

My family, friends, and I have been going back and forth via text about what to get everyone for Christmas! I love gifting (and am surprisingly done with my shopping for the year) so I thought I would throw together some gift guides if you need some ideas.

First up: The guys. Probably the hardest because in my husbands words, "girls want stuff, but I would rather get things I need." Ugh, if only he understood that handbags are needs! Anyways, at the top of his wish list, a roomba vacuum (which would actually save me a lot of time, but he just wants a the Jetsons).

I like to get things that they need just on an elevated level, so without further ado...
cornhole: I LOVE this set. It comes assembled but you can DIY the heck out of it. Add his favorite college or NFL team and you can get all the credit for his new backyard toys. 

Sneakers: This is actually a win win. It keeps him from wearing his ratty gym shoes in public (for you) and he gets sweet kicks to wear with jeans. I bought Craig these a few years ago and they are still his favorite. 

Vineyard Vines: Elevated basic. I love the way these shirts fit and they hold up really well if you guy likes to wear the same shirt over and over. Just make sure you get a color that works year round.

Yeti cup: I will be honest, I don't get it but everyone swears by these cups. Bonus points if you get it etched with his monogram (and that way no one else can snag it) 

Persol Sunglasses: These sunglasses are  a perfect mix between sporty and casual. Plus, they are worn in the latest James Bond movie. 

Collard Green Tie: I love the ties from this company and its nice for him to have some options when he likes to wear the same shirt for every event

Dremel Multi Tool: This is the most used tool in our house! Craig loves it and it doesn't take up a lot of room. It does all kinds of things to help him feel handy. 

Destiny and Power: A new book for him to lounge around with and have a discussion about after.

Other ideas: A new duffle, a grill press for great steaks or hot sandwiches on the stove, noise canceling headphones (for the new dad ha!), a gift card to a new golf course

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