Tuesday, May 12, 2015

the saga continues...

The mantle is on it's way to completion!  It really does help to look at pinterest to see decor you like and narrow down what you like about it. I really like the idea of classics pieces with pieces of bright art to make sure it doesn't look too fussy. 
My mom bought me the Kate Spade Print for Christmas and it is currently getting matted in a pink mat to make it pop with the  Abstract art. Perhaps my worse habit is that I love taking pictures but I don't actually do anything with the pictures afterward (anyone else?) So, I am taking advantage of Framebridge to frame instagrams of our favorite memories on the west coast. 
The Classics are really going to be seen in the decor, pineapple candle holders (insert heart eyes here), ginger jar for fresh flowers, and a boxwood topiary for some green in an otherwise dark room. 
Can't wait to show you the results! What projects are you working on in your house?

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