Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5 reasons you need a fit bit

After a particularly hard cardio class Monday, I momentarily lost my mind and tossed my fit bit in the wash with the rest of my clothes. It's a real disappointment because I can't see my steps now!
Here are 5 reasons  to get a fitbit

I wore my fit bit in wine country, we earned a lot of steps riding bikes to wineries 

1. It actually makes you want to move: Maybe I am a little competitive with myself but I hardly ever go to bed with less than 10,000 steps (my highest day was 19,000). It gets me out for an extra walk, do a few extra chores around the house, anything to make it happen

2. You can compete with your friends. My friends and I sat around one afternoon on a rare moment together laughing at our tactics to beat each other in competitions. We also shared what we do to workout, inspiring me to try barre workouts (more on that later!)

3. You can track how much water you are drinking on the app. I doing this after moving to Florida and realizing I could be in serious trouble if I don't start drinking more water in this heat. It especially handy when we are traveling and I can't remember if I have hydrated enough

4. I thought I was in shape before my fit bit but I wasn't nearly the shape I am in since I got it. I realized that sometimes I was getting lazy in my workouts or days I didn't workout, I barely moved! Even just getting 10,000 steps without changing into a sports bra has made a big difference!

5. You can buy Tory Burch accessories for it, obviously! My friends have the gold bangle and it is gorgeous! Don't waste you money on the silicon covers, I got one and was not impressed by its quality

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