Friday, August 9, 2013

it's friday!


Happy Friday y'all! or as my friends once said to me, my Sunday. I have started to work weekends 
at a golf course to keep up with my bad habits until the kiddos go back to school. I must admit, I miss my middle schoolers. They always brought me back down to earth and gave me a good laugh everyday. 

I have noticed that what I pin on pinterest directly correlates to what I am thinking and feeling at the time. Does anyone else notice that?

If you happen to go to a j.crew store and take advantage of their knit sale (like I did! I am addicted to v necks) you will get a coupon for 20% off anything in the store for the next visit. I am can't wait to buy this lbd and these sparkly earrings

Um, I am obsessed with byrdie! I really want to all the hair products.

I picked up this black purse for the fall. The price was WAY too good to pass up (and thanks to my piggy banktrick, I never even had to look at my bank account!) 

I tried on madewell's new demin. It is super thin and stretchy (I have decided I am not into thin jeans) and did make me look great from behind and the side, just not the front. They don't flatter athletic thighs. 

speaking of thighs, I am back on my workout regime. My workout board has been providing lots of inspiration. 

if you are a shark week fan, you will love this. It needs to be a live feed, all day

have a wonderful weekend! 

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