Saturday, August 10, 2013

adding to the family

....and it's not what you think! We brought home our Weimaraner, Nimitz, almost two years ago with every intention of getting him a sibling after he grew out of his crazy. It is one of those things we always talk about, without ever having definite plans. Weimaraner's are notoriously hyper and clingy (as we speak nimitz is buried under husband's pillows because he's pouting that his dad left) and Nimitz has finally left the stage of out of control hyper (now he's just regular puppy hyper) and we are thinking we are ready for number 2. I am kind of dreading going back to the three times a day walking, teething, "no" being my most used word stage. Then, I remember weims are the cutest puppies on earth and why cuddle with one dog, when you could have two?!


all pictures from pinterest,

Do you have more than one dog? Would you recommend it?


  1. This is me & my husband's favorite! This pictures are so cute!

  2. Too adorable!! Especially the last winking one ;)


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