Thursday, February 28, 2013

outfit post: monogram

I love monograms and can't help but put them on everything. Nimitz has a monogramed coat for our outdoor adventures much to Craig's dismay! When I started to see monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer puffers on pinterest, I knew I had to get my hands on one. I mean, it is really the only Lilly Pulitzer that fits in with my Washingtonian lifestyle. Lucky for me, they had them at Dillards for half price! They are having another sale starting tomorrow so see if you can snag one


This is also the time I should tell you I found that Coach purse (I got to pick out my valentine from craig) for $60 at Dillards...its okay you can hate me, my mom was upset I found it first. annnnnd if you have athletic thighs it might be time to invest in the AG stevie jeans, I have never found jeans to fit my waist AND thighs. I am not going to lie, we are a match made in heaven


  1. such a cute look!
    super jealous of your great finds :)

  2. That look is ADORABLE! Love the monogram, the gingham, the vest, the bag, everything! And thanks for sharing the tip on the AG stevie jeans!

    District Delights

  3. Helen has been gifted with athletic thighs too. Where do you get the AG Stevie jeans? Mary D.


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