Monday, February 25, 2013

monday musings: oscar edition

So I will admit; I didn't go crazy over any one actress' outfit this year. Jennifer Lawrence got the closest....maybe because I have a major girl crush on her. I may or may not have stood up fist pumping Jersey Shore style when she won (and no, I have never watched Jersey shore. it was the only topic I explicitly banned from my classroom.)

Best color: Jennifer Garner. Actually she was the only one with color, she wins by default

Best Old School Hollywood: Jessica Chastin. So much better than that awful blue dress at the beginning of awards season. 

Best White Gown: Charlize Theron

Best from the front: Amanda Seyfried. I loved it until she turned around. Why didn't they alter that dress to fit her back?! 

Best Arm Candy: Stacy Keibler. I don't know who got luckier, George Clooney or her. Actually I do, he did. George Clooney shave your beard. You aren't Brad Pitt for goodness sake. 

Best change up: Jennifer Aniston. Thank you for not wearing the same thing you always do, now if we could only get you to wear your hair up

Most likely to end up Fashion Police: Brandi Glanville. She must not have any friends because friends don't let friends leave the house like that. oh p.s. she designed it herself. she did this to HERSELF. 

worst use of dart placement: Ann Hathaway. Are those darts or is she cold?

They also need to put Kristen Stewart out of her misery and not make her walk the red carpet.

Did y'all watch the whole thing? Who was your best and worse dressed?

images via people and just jared


  1. totally agree with you on jennifer garner, jennifer lawrence {SO happy she won}, and jessica chastin. they all looked amazing and i loved when jennifer garner cried happy tears just thinking about if ben took home the oscar for best picture :)

  2. This is the first I've seen of Brandi's dress and I agree... the horror is beyond words! Also, I too have a MAJOR girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence.


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