Tuesday, February 26, 2013

love language

The closest girl I have to a sister, Kaitlin, has been talking about the book, love languages , for the past year. Homegirl (I will never stop using the terms of affection homegirl/homeboy, they are my fav) kept saying I need to read it and that my love language was receiving gifts. Well, I didn't disagree with her, I mean I love presents in any form. Letters in the mail, flowers picked up from the store on the way home, a cup of coffee in bed. They make me a prettty happy girl.


About 2 am last night when I was cursing the nap I took earlier and watching the lightening outside; I popped over and took the quiz. Well, well, well Kaitlin you were wrong. It is quality time! What the quiz really did was make me understand myself SO much better. It is why 3 pm is when I go into hyper productivity mode because I want everything done so when Craig walks in the door I can hang out with him. Quality time is the reason we love traveling so much because it's just the two of us exploring. It is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing my whole family so much even though most of our time is spent on my parents' front porch hanging out, talking. It is also the way I show love to myself. I can't tell you how much I need my own time to do what I want, whether it is painting my nails or walking around downtown seattle.

I can't wait to see what Craig's quiz results are!

So, take a few minutes and do the quiz too! You might be surprised.

*for those of you rolling your eyes at the post, sorry!

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