Wednesday, April 4, 2012

keeping busy

The best way to get through anything is to keep busy. So this deployment (yes, there are going to be a few more) I have pulled out the sewing machine and dusted it off to make curtains for our new house! The kitchen was easier than I thought, i found fabric up in the attic from my great aunt and voila curtains.

The dining area and living area get tricky. So we have two window just like the ones below in the same room. I am a huge fan of drapes, especially for rental houses with all white walls. I think they add a lot of dimension to the room without your security deposit going out the window or having to re paint before you move out. BUT the problem is that drapes are pricey!
 #1 via pinterest
 So the above window illustrates what I want to do in our living area. The bench is where we will have our entertainment center and I want the drapes to frame all the windows. Say hello to Wayfair, they have reasonably priced drapes in great colors that you can get and dress up your self with ribbon running down the sides.

 #2 via pinterest
Here is the same type of window but instead of putting drapes on every window you can place curtains above the alcove to frame the whole area instead of each window. This is saving me about 15 yards of fabric and a lot of money! So this is the design I am going with in the kitchen with Robert Allen Mosaico powder fabric. 

with coral and grey. dining perfection
For our guest bedroom/ my office I had to go with pink ikat. I am obsessed with ikat. Quadrille makes great ikat but not for my budget so I found a substitute at Lewis and Sheron Fabric. They have great customer service, they send your free samples with your fabric and the fabric comes within two days! Need I say more? 

Lewis and Sheron Mercury 
this fabric was a little out of my budget but its a smaller room with a narrow window so I went with a scalloped valance that only takes a half yard of fabric and I will have a half yard left over for a pillow or something equally fun.

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