Monday, April 2, 2012

the side effects of deployment

Well,  I was keeping up with this. Right up until Craig left. I will admit that parts of last week were rough. Rough enough that mom and dad were looking more concerned about me than they have in a little while and Nimitz had to come lick away my tears (sweet boy). We aren't exactly new to long distance but this sub thing brings a whole new meaning to it.  Missing him reminds me that I am very lucky to have him in my life and that our relationship can only get better getting though this. It isn't forever, it really isn't even that long at all, and I will see him again before I know it....
picture from the top of the London Eye

Moving past all that sappy stuff: life lately in iPhone pictures. I keep saying I will get more pictures of my outfits but I always seem to forget. I know getting dressed up is a good way to distract me from missing him and then I will have all these great outfits that he has never seen when he gets back! 

Anyways, my grandfather turned 80 and when I got home my entire family was there to celebrate this huge milestone. It was fun to hang out with my cousins, they are all in high school now and they are hilarious. I also reunited with Nimitz! He has grown so much and is a mischievous little thing. When I walked in the door and sat down, he plopped down in my lap and didn't move. 

Nimitz eating birthday cake at the party
can you tell he missed me?

Kaitlin was also here! We went shopping, drank margaritas, and went to see Hunger Games! Which was amazing, I have actually seen it twice and I am seeing it a third time with my mom this week!

My cousin Danielle, was here most of the week, so we enjoyed a beach day and a quick trip to Pensacola to enjoy some shopping (again with the retail therapy) and some Steak and Shake.

I started on sewing curtains for the house (more on that tomorrow!) and hung out with my parents this weekend. Dad and I coordinated for Palm Sunday on accident and also slept through all of mass, also on accident. Yesterday, Mom and I went kayaking in the bayou. It was so nice, we stopped  for a little, drifting and catching some rays. 

my parents have tree frogs in their backyard. Even at 22
I still love catching them


  1. i can't imagine how you feel...when my husband is gone for a week for work it feels like an eternity!

    hang in there!

  2. I am working on it! keeping busy seems to work the best


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