Thursday, March 8, 2012

england: day 3,4,5

After the day of the marathon we slowed some things down. We spent the morning at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where I had the chance to see Liz's Diamond Jubilee Exhibit. It helped me understand why the population loves their royalty so much. Then we wisely took a break at a cafe where we had a hearty lunch of pastries, lattes, and ice cream sundaes.

Now the good stuff, I had a chance to go shopping! We wandered around Harrods, where Craig would not buy me an English bulldog even though I asked very nicely. However, I did get away with buying a couple things from zara and a black longchamp. I have never had a chance to go into a zara, it met all my expectations and more. I would say it is my new favorite (besides J.Crew, of course)

Day 4: We spent all day in Windsor which was wonderful. We even became the Queen's house guests for  a bit because she arrived while we were wandering around. I was so taken with the state apartments that they kindly asked me to leave because they were closed and I was the last one in. I was really hoping for an invitation to stay for the weekend.

queen's private entrance

Day 5: we went for a jaunt in the English countryside, where we had lunch on a farm and high tea across from Shakespeare's birthplace.

random alley in London

table I would really love to have

Day 6: We slept.

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