Tuesday, March 6, 2012

day two: the marathon

No we actually did not run a marathon but I am pretty sure we walked the length of one. Here is the run down of things we did: St.Paul's Cathedral, Tate ModernShakespeare's Theater, Borough Market, London Bridge, Tower of London, Thames Clipper, Royal Naval College, Naval Museum, Prime Meridian, and the London Eye. We consumed: Starbucks (obviously), fish and chips, cake, more coffee. I was clearly on a mission to see everything and Craig was not.  Since it was Ash Wednesday we got into St. Paul's for free! I highly suggest if you want to go into the churches you wait until mass times or Sundays. They are close to $30 and if you are on a budget (like we were) it made a huge difference that we waited to go into these places until they were free. St. Paul's is breathtaking; it was interesting that they has statues of war heroes and dukes instead of saints like most of the cathedrals in Europe.

The Borough Market was really cool, it is an upscale farmer's market and all the restaurants around the market get their ingredients from there to make your meals. I suggest you go on Saturday though because it is supposedly when it is the busiest and best time to see a lot of stalls. 

did i mention it was raining?

tower of london

 We took the Thames Clipper out to Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian. I disliked the museum, in my opinion it wasn't very interesting and a nap would have been a better option. The Prime Meridian was  closed before we got there so we had to sneak in the back with an aid of a German gentleman and it was worth the potential jail time. It has a green laser that shows the line for four miles!

royal naval college

We ended the day at the London Eye, which was perfect because there are benches to sit on and you can take virtual tours of the city as you go around. I thought going up that high would bother me but it really wasn't that nerve wracking...

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  1. Ok ...I am bored with the historic part of your trip. When are we getting to the shopping expedition of London and Paris and I want to see a fashion show of what you bought.

    Nice photos Madeleine and I have enjoyed the blogs about London.


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