Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sundresses and Soirees

In one of my all time favorite sundresses with my bridesmaids.

I have totally re-done the blog. Why you must ask? Well, Wherever you go, go with all your Heart was very appropriate for the time when I decided to venture into this blogging business for our wedding. So many things were changing and I had to seriously have a little sit down with myself (I should probably be on someone's couch) and decide that I was going to do nothing half assed (pardon the phrase). If I was going to get married (lord help us), finish college and internship, and plan a wedding I had to be committed to doing so and put my whole heart into each one. Let me tell you it was quite the challenge but I accomplished everything.   I originally intended just to give updates on the wedding and I was pretty positive I wasn't going to continue posting after the wedding. It was hit or miss for awhile whether I was going to or not but I missed having a place to collect all the fun things in life and to share with others. So that is why I have changed my blog name to Sundresses and Soirees (with a familiar tagline!). I want to really take the next couple years to focus on enjoying life and slowing down. Sundresses are my all time favorite article of clothing and I wear them at every occasion imaginable. And what twenty something year old doesn't love to go to parties and catch up with friends!

My goal for my blog for now: who the heck knows. I just want to share/catalog things in my life that I love and hope you will too. 

P.S. This blog is much easier to find now you can just type "Sundresses and Soirees blog" into google and it shows up!

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