Sunday, December 18, 2011

twas the weekend before christmas....

Craig had some rare time off this weekend and we took advantage of it....

We realized how big our puppy is getting (6 mos. Friday!) but never too old to nap on his momma's lap. We enjoyed some of our Christmas decorations and the ones downtown too, especially at our favorite restaurant. Craig tried a banana, peanut butter, bacon burger at sesame and he liked it! We made our first Christmas sweets of the season with so many more to come, missed the festival of lights but instead caught up on our childhood with the movie, Beauty and the Beast. I wrapped all our Christmas gifts and re-created our engagement photos with my new love, Nimitz!  (Nimitx didn't exactly agree to this, my last participant was more willing)

Nimitz is getting neutered today and having minor tummy surgery AND by the end of the week we will know where our next home will be! FINE, I really just want to find out because there was a promise of shopping somewhere in the moving process and I want to hit the after Christmas sales.

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