Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the final pictures.

There are so many more pictures to share with you from the wedding. However, I also have so much more to share,so for now this is gonna be it. Maybe every once in awhile I will put some of the "war eagle" pictures, our family pictures, and (if you are very very lucky) some of the worst pictures of the day. But for now I'll leave you with all of the mandatory parts of the wedding: cake, speeches, and garter/flower toss. I'll be honest, we were very scared for my maid of honor, Kaitlin, to give her speech. Not because she would tell embarassing horrific things about me (I promised her a slow death if she did... so sweet I know) but because Craig's best man Mike is very well spoken (graduated #1 from the Naval Academy, the whole deal. good guy though). However, I could not have imagined either speech being more heartfelt. Kaitlin cried WHICH never happens, which made me cry for the first time that day, which made all my other friends cry. (ok quick story, Kaitlin and I have never spent more than three weeks apart from each other and after the wedding we were going to have to spend 2 months apart. I cried so much about this the next day Craig ended up calling her to go to dinner with us before we left on our honeymoon. best.husband.ever.)

Overall, the wedding was more than we could have ever ask for/dreamed. We felt so blessed and people are still calling us to tell us how much fun they had. HOWEVER, I am so happy to never plan my own wedding ever again.

This is Tyler, who is reading Brendan's note to Craig and I
because he could not be there to give his own toast. We were so surprised
and touched.

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  1. such a sweet picture during the maid of honor toast!


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