Monday, October 10, 2011

details. details. details

These are all the painstaking details that I agonized over for months and months trying to get it perfect. Of course, nothing is perfect. See those table numbers? Those are the makeshift ones that they came up with because my perfect, glittery mailbox numbers were exactly where I left home. The envelopes that you see are actually a light gold color and they were placed at every seating with a note inside from Craig and I. You also can't see the cigar table but it was a HUGE hit and we lost a few good men to the porch that night. The long table was the head table which was SO much fun and a good break because I was so tired by the time I sat down they acted as buffers as I chugged my coffee and downed Krispy Kremes for energy. The dessert table was an even bigger hit than I expected, the six dozen donuts were gone before dinner and the 10 bags of oreos were reduced to crumbs by the end of the night. I can't say enough about that cake! Rhonda was lovely to have at the wedding, she designed, made, and cut the cake herself. I will tell you that Craig and I ate our to-go box in bed the next morning!

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