Monday, October 17, 2011


This will be the week of five. I will tell you about five things everyday that I have not blogged about.

Today: 5 things that make me very very happy.

1. This little boy walking on a leash. He is now so much fun to take EVERYWHERE. He has been everywhere from J.Crew (this made me particularly buddy!) to lunch downtown. I also love that he is a snuggly dog.

2. Pumpkins everywhere! It has been too hot down here in the low country to get in fall mode but I finally started putting little pumpkins all over the house, it is a cheap way to decorate and its good through Thanksgiving.

3. My Birchbox. I was so excited when I came in the mail. Even more excited that it has fantastic mascara (ie. it comes off easily and only when you want it to) and thick foot cream! Best treat that comes once a month.

4. Chevron Rug. At  $86 and indestructible its a perfect match for our living room. It makes the house more fun than it was previously.

the picture of the whole living room had a massive pile of laundry in it...sorry

5. Enjoying the Farmer's Market downtown with Nimitz and Craig this past Saturday. Get way to get fresh produce and see all the things Charleston has to offer.

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