Monday, October 24, 2011

and the not so great.

1. Their fashion advice? non existent. You are asking them if they like your outfit and they are nodding their head but never looked away from Sports Center.

2. I love junk food, so does he. The difference? I try not to eat it. He eats it everyday. He offers me a some and then the inevitable oh wait....aren't you eating healthy? they are munching away on whatever you really would like to be eating

3. Never ever should a man and a woman share a closet. Having a small closest only gets sadder when you have to move over some of your favorites for some of his (which really concerns me that those are his favorites)

4. His cleaning and your cleaning. Not the same. May never be the same. I suppose this is a training process. (but how the heck do you train someone to not stick his cups between the couch cushions for holding until he gets up?!)

5. Well I guess I don't really have a 5 the pros outweigh the cons

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