Friday, October 21, 2011

5 great things about being married.

honeymoon in Aruba

1. You can cook for two! Which means I actually cook again and those meals for two you can get in the freezer section I can actually buy for TWO. (downside, I have to share my meal for two and can't eat it all myself)

2.His oversized T-shirts. all. the.time. I complain that he has way more laundry than me but it could be because I am sneaking all of his most comfy shirts for my pajamas.

3. You have a best friend readily available to hang out with you all weekend since they live in the same room as you. How convenient is that?

4. Since they are married to you they find many of your annoying traits endearing. Because lets be honest I have plenty of them.

5. You get to know so much more about the person you love when you get married. (my uncle calls it "marking your territory") For me it was going from seeing Craig on certain weekends to seeing him all the time made us realize how much more there was to each of us that we didn't get to see on a day to day basis. Luckily it's all good!

Oh and don't worry there are 5 not so great things about being married (or maybe just living with a man)

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