Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wedding photos!

I'll be honest, I have had these since last week. In all the excitement of the new puppy, I put it in a drawer and walked away. BUT here they are. Today, I am going to chose some of the getting ready pictures to share with you. I think it is best to not overwhelm anyone with the 1,000 photos of our wedding.  SO here we go.

The house that Dad built...no I am not kidding
he did this. 

my weim Titania. 

watch was his wedding present

parent's dining room (see I am giving you a tour too!)

my bouquet 

This is the moment after I got lipstick all over my dress.
Have I mentioned we were suppose to be at the church when I was
getting into my dress?

vintage earrings

Dad had a minor freak out and lost it.
He had never seen my dress until this moment

necklace was my something old...
Craig gave it to me for our first Christmas
(bully went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving)
I suppose this would be the point when I will share with you what went on that morning. 
I had to sadly get up at 7:30 for the make-up artist/hair dresser to get to my house. I was really afraid I was going to wake up and freak out because at age 22, less than three months after graduating college  I decided to get married. Meh, well it didn't happen. All I could think was why wasn't the coffee stronger and the morning was going to go SUPER slow. My bridesmaids staggered out of bed, some went running (how is that for dedication?!), some plopped down to eat, and twinner was asking when the Mimosas were going to happen. I ended up ironing all my bridesmaids' dresses and eating truffles with my dad. About half way through the morning things started to get a little hectic ALL of my cousins were wandering in and out (the girls got pandora bracelets and vera bradley for helping), people were stopping by, and I started to get a little overwhelmed. So in bridezilla like fashion I told my mom to make people leave. I mean c'mon we were like a hour behind schedule and it was getting loud . I was getting nervous because I knew we had to leave, I wanted to get my dress on, and of course to have the perfect day. So in my rush to get my dress on the tulle got caught on my lipstick and left a pretty little mark. Luckily, my photographer knew exactly how to get it off and we were back on track.

A list of some of the things that I will remember from that morning: 
1. Mom- she looked beautiful. I mean easily could have passed for thirty. See that black hair....still all natural at 51. 
2. Daddy- grumpy old man. He wanted to take part in the action from afar (meaning in the living room in his overstuffed chair) so when I told him to beat feet so I could get my dress on he was NOT happy. It caused an argument that really upset me (it was between him and my mom, but I felt so bad. I actually almost had a meltdown). It was so worth it to see his face when he saw in my dress. He cried and was at a loss for words (Two things that that big man never does). I would suggest to anyone to not let your dad see your dress until your wedding day. It was priceless. 
3. The dress- AHHHHH! not letting anyone see it was so worth it. I mean look at it, it was slightly over the top and perfect. It was about a 50/50 whether people thought this would be the type of dress I would wear. I love sparkles, anything royal, and super girly. But my regular day-to-day wardrobe  is full of practical things (I hate bows) This dress def. had a wow factor. 
4. John- Twinner's best friend. I have known him for almost 9 years and they are attached at the hip so it was obvious he would stay with us. He was coming out of the bathroom when I was done getting my dress on with his eyes covered saying " I'm not looking until you are walking down the aisle". He caved about three minutes later and just said "wow" somewhat shocked, which I mean coming from someone that you have known that long was nice. 
5. Brendan- the reluctant older brother. He is Craig's best friend and I am his (sometimes annoying/bratty/spoiled) little sister. While he gave permission to Craig to ask me to Ring Dance (our first "date"), because Craig really really needed a date (not really but that's what he told Brendan), as you might imagine he was not so happy about this whole arrangement for a very, very long time. Brendan and I have come a long way in our relationship since Craig and I got together, I would even say that we enjoy spending time with each other. When Brendan couldn't come it was terrible. Not only was his best friend's wedding he was also missing his sibling's. He called from the field (he was in Deployement Training with the Army) to say how happy he was for me and that he was sorry he could not be there. I felt terrible for him, but so happy he was able to call.


  1. wow, your dress is so fluffy and gorgeous! love the waistband.

  2. Thank-you! I was def. having a superwoman moment!


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