Thursday, September 22, 2011


We have a puppy!! He came as a wonderful surprise for us. We have been saving/looking for a dog for a while now, there was a debate on what kind of dog and when was the best time to get the dog. The landlord helped us out with the first one, we got special permission from him to have a bigger dog but there would be no way that we could get a Great Dane. So we went to our next choice, a baby weim!

We quickly found out that weims do not come cheap and we were going to shell out all of the "doggie fund" on just the puppy and not on shots, food, etc. as planned. Discouraged and knowing that the savings would help us in other ways we gave up/took a break from looking. On Tuesday I decided to browse the web looking for breeders but not puppies. Until I came across Nimitz. He is a little older at 13 weeks and was never paid for by the people who put a deposit on him. Meaning instead of being a $1,000 he was only $500. He was kind of a done deal when we got these pictures because there was no way I wasn't bringing him home. 

He is very spoiled because he has been living with the breeder's family and loves to sit on the couch and watch TV, I wasn't planing on letting him on the couch or in the bed but I have a feeling I might not have a choice. Could I really say no to that?

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