Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bachelorette Party

Continuing the recap of the wedding, we are now really moving into the fun stuff.
My bachelorette party was RIDICULOUS. From my "dessert" list to shoving 16 ladies in a Toyota Highlander, it is a night I will never forget (even when the alcohol was threatening to make me do so!)

me in all my bride-to-be glory

We started the night at one of my favorite restaurants, Catina Loredo. Let me just take a minute to explain all the reasons you should make this one of your must go to restaurants. For an appetizer you must get the guacamole, which is made fresh at your table. It goes along great with their margaritas, which I would say are in the top 5 best ever (and this is one of the only drinks I ever order at any restaurant so I know). We were put in the private room in the back so we were able to be as loud as we wanted, which only got louder as we came to the realization they were giving us Margaritas with double shots of tequila. I also got to open my gifts without any prying eyes .

Some of the maids and Jeni, my friend since 8th grade
and my freshman year roommate

My high school/girl scouting friends.
yes we were in scouting, we are proud of it.
Bridget and Danielle.

Danielle was the mastermind of the "dessert list". This has to be one of the cutest ideas ever and I highly suggest anyone planning a bachelorette party/going to one does this. (I am hesitant to put the picture up only because Daddy reads this). They all got together and planned what lingerie they were getting for me and they made a menu for me naming all the lingerie after a popular dessert with a description of what to expect. I would call them out and that would be the gift I got, this menu was then handed over to Craig on the honeymoon and he used it. Some of the names included, Black Forest Cupcake, Red Velvet Cake, and the one that made me crack up, Slip a Nip Chocolate Chip (thanks B.Shinal). It was hilarious to open all these gift and I could not have imagine more beautiful things to bring on my honeymoon.
The Maid of Honor and Britt.

We also played a game of how well I know Craig and every time I got a question wrong I had to drink (remember the double shot Margarita, yikes!).I got about 75% of them right and with some of the answers he gave, I had nochoice but to shake my head.
all the girls.

We then moved to the bars, which were only five minutes down the road but we only had one car. Hayden volunteered to DD us over there and take two trips. BUT why take two trips when we can take one (you can tell we all just graduated from college). Well the following pictures tell it all. This might have been the funniest part of the night, especially when Crank That came on and many of us thought that there was no better time to try to do the entire dance.

not all of us enjoyed the ride.
This is where the pictures end for the sake of self preservation and the hopes of ever getting a job. We went to Rum Runners, where I got a special serenade by the band (I wanted to melt through the floor). We danced the night away. Some of the more notable moments included my Maid of Honor falling down the stairs (who would have thought to put a bar bathroom upstairs?!), trying to figure out how to get out of my romper (very cute, buttoned down the back, but no logical way to get out of it without help), and my friends taking over the entire dance floor in the bar. Twinner and his friend, Jeremy, joined us for a little celebrating and to provide a safe ride home.

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