Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August 4th-8th

*disclaimer, I finished this 15 minutes before I needed to leave the house, excuse  my grammar*

Here goes the review of the wedding. This one won't be particularly exciting because I forgot my memory card was in my computer and NOT in my camera making it really hard to document. However, I do have a complete set of wedding pictures to share with you by the end of the week.

 Wednesday: I left my blogging off that I was really sick right before the wedding. I was pretty sure I was sick because I was  not sleeping at night. It was awful the next two days trying to get back on schedule while not overdoing it because no one wanted a sick bride.

Thursday: We  celebrated Craig's 24th birthday! Birthdays are really big in my family and never to be overlooked. So, I took the day off  of wedding planning and we went out to eat Mexican food, see a movie (Crazy Stupid Love, it was hilarious), and make homemade pizza together for dinner. It was fun doing something that didn't have to do with anything for the wedding.

Friday: Lucky for me I waited to a week before the wedding to do our programs (stupid, stupid, stupid). So I spent most of the morning trying to proofread and organize the program to send to the printer. We also got to meet with the DJ and discuss the music. Mrs. Sharon, Craig, and I had a great time picking out the songs. Each couple in our wedding party walked into something different. It was hilarious. (click the different parts of that sentence to hear the songs, I'll try to remember the rest and upload them today)

Saturday & Sunday: I honestly have no idea what I did Saturday, but I am pretty sure I stared at my honeymoon clothes deciding how they were going to fit into my suitcase. On Sunday, Craig's family came into town and Kaitlin came for a visit and it felt like wedding week had officially commenced. It was surreal how you wait so long for something and then it sneaks up on you. It was everything I imagined and nothing I imagined.

Monday: The madness began. My first bridesmaid came into town in the morning. I have know Rana for 9 years so it was really nice to have a day together before everyone showed up. We of course went to J.Crew and then when we got home she helped my stop staring at my clothes and start packing. We also had our favorite meal ever, chicken nuggets and fries for dinner.

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