Monday, July 4, 2011

progress update

1. Table runners for guest table and dessert table.
               we went above and beyond and created a few more for some other tables.
2. Mason jars for trees and dock.
    tree ones are complete thanks to Kaitlin, I am weak and puny and couldn't bend the wire
    I need to put sand in the ones for the dock but I will do that right before Stephanie recieves  them.
3. programs for ceremonies.....would love some ideas for this.
My Aunt Mary sent me an idea, one I finalize with the priest the parts of the ceremony I will talk to the graphic designer.
4. Chairs
    huge pain; the hidden cost in all of the chairs might make this impossible. Waiting to see the final guest numbers and how it will fit into the budget5. Finish dessert platters.
   Raided my grandmothers china cabniet.
6. finish the "LOVE is SWEET" sign. (having cousin finish this....she was looking for something to do)
      not really sure how this hasn't gotten done.
7. meet with Lauren
   - find wedding shots that I like to show her things I have in mind / Gather list of "must" pictures
8. decide on hair style/ make up. Set up appointment for trial run

favorite today, meaning I still haven't decided

9. Pick up veil (Maid of Honor said she would do this)

10. rent suits/ pick up ties. (ties- an excuse to go to j.crew)

11. finish bridemaids' gifts.
       replaced missing parts, almost done.
12. Figure out who is reading and which cousins will alter serve
         - we will need to see who is coming.

13. meet with church musicians; discuss music
         - full catholic mass requires lots of music... maybe ask the grandparents, they hit up church like three times a week

14. meet with DJ via phone to discuss music
       - I'm tone deaf..... left this to Craig and Kaitlin to decide
15. finish honeymoon shopping
       - cutting myself off
16. finish invitations

17. get RSVPs back and make table arrangements.
            -this is happening at the monemt
18. pack for honeymoon
   - my "organized" bridesmaid is coming a week before the wedding. She packed my entire wardrobe for college (2 closets and a dresser). Hopefully she can help me.

19. Order Craig's wedding gift.

20. Engrave his wedding band.

21. get my earrings changed from clip ons to post. Have them repair one of the earrings.

22. Figure out nail color for wedding.

- possibly try gel nails prior..... see if they are really worth it.

23. practice walking in my heels

24. figure out food for wedding.

25. pick up oreos for dessert table

26. order surprise.

27. Bridesmaids' luncheon.
      Grandmother is organizing this. She just got her house remodeled and that women loves a good party.
28. photo booth
    crazy to think this was happening.

29. See if we are doing sabers after the wedding, if so get Craig to organize his friends.
30. Finish collecting postcards.

seriously it's July 4th I am freaking out.

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