Saturday, July 16, 2011

few and far between.

 Things around here have really started to pick up around here as the wedding gets closer. I have three drafts of the same posting that I have never finished over the course of the week.

So here is a quick re-cap of that went on.
We signed our first apartment lease for a two bedroom on Daniel Island (meaning two closets for my clothes)
Craig and I bought the armchair for our house
we settled on the music for the wedding mass
       - Craig asked why I wasn't walking down to Canon in D
we engraved our wedding bands and realized both of my rings needed to be sized (I was not happy)
We have picked out potentional food for the reception (dad is demanding Prime Rib....Of course) 
We FINALLY got all the paperwork to the priest....this was such a process and happy this is over.
I am meeting with Lauren tomorrow, I have been spending time looking at wedding pictures and creating a list
I love no peeking pictures, Craig says it ruins element of surprise at the alter
I have also been looking at different wedding updos because my hair trial is for Tuesday. 
I saw this last night. I kinda like it. 
We found someone to help cut ALL the tulle  that we bought. This saves me a couple hours of time. 
We finished all the groomsmen suits, now just to remind them that they need to bring their own shoes. 
Finished ALL the RSVPs I am so happy about this. Now we can settle all the details.
         - except the one family friend who has to buy another plane ticket because he mistakenly  made his first ticket to South Florida. 

up next: Groomsmen's gifts, more meetings, lots of emails, table arrangements, and finishing all those annoying details. 

OH go to the store and get the limited edition Ben and Jerry's, its so good I have been giving up the wedding healthy eating to devour it. 

off to my last hair appt before the wedding!


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